Miscellaneous Monday

Hello and happy Christmas Eve! Just going to do a quick post on a few things that I’ve been thinking about this week but that aren’t long/important enough for a whole post of their own.

1. The Peplum Skirt

People have been talking about how a peplum skirt can look on a curvy figure all over the place recently, from Curvy Wordy to Fuller Figure Fuller Bust. A while ago, I think on Black Friday, I was in JC Penney and saw a cute green peplum pencil skirt in the juniors section and tried it on and fell in love! Unfortunately I didn’t have the money to buy it, nor really the occasion to wear it, so I had to put it back. But first I snapped a crappy cell phone picture of how it looked on me! I think that this is the skirt pictured, but they only have it in black. It’s also on sale now for only $20!


I was shopping in a dress, which is why this is a topless picture (I’m wearing my way too small Freya Deco – It’s a 30G!)

I loved how this skirt looks on me! The peplum sits at just the perfect place to cover up some of my stomach lumps, and the flare is just where my hips start, so it accentuates my waist. If it had been on sale when I’d tried it on, I definitely would’ve bought it!

2.  Sandmaiden Etsy Shop

Not the most practical choice for the larger chest, but the sleepwear/lingerie at Sandmaiden Sleepwear is gorgeous, and made of  wool and other natural fibers! A little pricey, but would make a great special-occasion gift 🙂


Photo courtesy of Sandmaiden Sleepwear


Photo courtesy of Sandmaiden Sleepwear

3. Sock Dreams

This is another shop I just recently found, and if you follow me on Facebook I talked about it a little there. They have ALL styles and lengths of socks, as well as tights, stockings, and other sock and stocking related accessories.


Photo courtesy of Sock Dreams

This waist cincher is currently out of stock, but I am in love with it! It’s just one of many awesome things in the Accessories section of the Sock Dreams website.


Photo courtesy of Sock Dreams

4. Ewa Michalak Order

As many of y’all may know, for Christmas I’m getting two new Ewa Michalak sets: a CH Karmelki with matching thong, and a PL Mak with the matching briefs. I’ll do a whole post in the near future about what my ordering experience was like, but I just wanted to say that so far I have experienced nothing but great customer service! I had an “extra special” order since the Mak is only listed on the website in the CHP style, and they’ve been very accommodating. I’m a little nervous on how the bras will fit since both of them are bigger cup sizes than I’ve ever ordered before, but hopefully they will at least be close enough to not have to sell! Ewa Michalak has been very prompt with my order. It only took around 3 days from when I paid for me to get an email saying that my order had shipped, which is great considering that on the website it asks to allow for 2 weeks for custom orders! Now I just have to play the waiting game, but hopefully my package will be here at the end of this month or the beginning of January!

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