Clothing Review: Urkye Mala Czerwona

Hey y’all! Exam week is over, and that means plenty of time to devote to blogging 🙂 My first post of the summer will be a review of the GORGEOUS Mala dress from Urkye! Urkye is a Polish company that makes clothing designed for boobs, so you can buy the size for your waist, and then indicate your bustiness, similar to Pepperberry, BiuBiu, or any other company designing clothes for boobs. Urkye has “bust levels” of o, oo, ooo, or o/oo, oo/ooo for stretchy clothing.

Under the dress I’m wearing my 28K PL Mak, because I figured Polish bras should be worn under Polish dresses. I tried it on with a British bra underneath, and it looked good then too, but I feel like the bust is cut for the projection of a Polish bra.


This was my first purchase from any full bust clothing company, and I have to say, I’m hooked! The dress is made of a stretchy material, and before buying it I probably would’ve said, “Why would I buy stretchy clothing cut for curves, when I can squeeze into the clothing at the mall?” but it really does make a difference! Mostly in that the armholes don’t stretch, and weird excess fabric doesn’t get bunched up at my waist! It’s really worth it, and I definitely will be buying more of my clothing, including stretchy casual things, from full bust companies.

My measurements at the time were 40″-28″-40″, which put me at sort of an awkward place on the Urkye charts. My waist was in between sizes 36 and 38, but my boobs were at the very very top end of the 38ooo. I decided that since it was a stretchy dress, I would size down to get a tight fit on the waist, and went with the 36oo/ooo. And I’m glad I did! Honestly, I could’ve taken a 34 in the waist, but then the hips and boobs would’ve been too small. If you’re thinking about sizing down in this dress, I would go for it. I also wouldn’t worry if your bust measurement is a bit off the charts, as mine were, and I still had plenty of room.

The dress was surprisingly flattering. I expected to need to wear shapewear with this every time I wore it, but in the pictures in this post, I am shapewear free, and as you can see it is surprisingly flattering for such a fitted garment!


Not the best picture of my posture or face in the world… oh well 😛


View from the back- very curve hugging, definitely not enough space in the butt to go down a size!

It’s a very versatile dress too. It could easily be sexy-ed up for a date by wearing a cleavage enhancing bra underneath, or made professional with a blazer and modest heels. It could even be layered with a turtleneck under it for colder weather or worn casually with sandals (once I hem it! 😛 )! There are a ton of options for this dress, which I love.

The one thing that I don’t love about this dress, but that I expected when I ordered it, is that it’s too long for me. I’m only 5’3″, and as such, longer dresses kind of make me look stumpy unless I’m wearing heels. But when do I wear heels in real life? Almost never. Really only when I’m going out dancing or on a fancy date, and for both of those occasions I’d still want a shorter dress. So I’m going to hem this dress, and this is what it looks like when it’s a length I like (more like mid thigh):



Shortening this dress does eliminate some of it’s versatility, because it would no longer be appropriate for an office or fancier setting, but for where I am in life right now and where I would wear this dress, this makes way more sense for my life! I would only be wearing this in casual settings, or settings where I’m playing up sex appeal, so shorter is better for both of those.

The best part of having something that is designed for busty women is that for once in my life my bra ISN’T SHOWING THROUGH THE ARMHOLES OF SOMETHING SLEEVELESS! Do you guys know how hard that is to come by?! I think you must, if you’re wearing a properly fitted bra and ever try to buy sleeveless clothing.

Overall, I am insanely pleased with this dress, and even after shipping from Poland it was a little less than $50, so not completely unreasonable for something that actually, you know, fits boobs.

Clothing Review: Express Stretch Cotton Skater Dress

So I mentioned in my last post that I’ve been making some birthday purchases (it’s this coming Saturday!), and here is my review of the first of them! I’ve never done a clothing review before on the blog, mostly because A) I usually just wear solid color cotton v-neck t-shirts with a tight high waisted skirt, and B) All of my clothes are old, and no longer readily available! But here I am with a brand new purchase, that is decent on bustiness, and is in season. And better yet, it’s 30% off right now! Onto the review!

Okay, so my purchase was the Stretch Cotton Skater Dress from Express! I love Express’s clothing, but it’s usually out of my price range by a decent amount. This dress usually retails for $39.00, but I got it for $27.99, a pretty good deal if I say so myself! I know that not all hourglass figured bloggers have had success with skater dresses, but this is actually the only dress in the mall that I tried on that day that fit me well at all. Since it’s made of cotton/Lycra, it had plenty of stretch to accomodate my boobs but still be tight on my waist. Because I didn’t really  have to size up for my bust, I was able to get a size Small. You’ll see in the photos that my bra is visible on the sides, but this happened with the medium as well, and also I just don’t care that much about people being able to see my bra in casual situations. The way tank tops are cut, you can see the side of my bra through the armholes almost all the time, but I live in a city that literally has the motto “Famously Hot”, and I’m only a college student! People who want to complain can get over it 😛

Oh, and as a reminder, my measurements are 40-28-40, and I like to wear my clothes tight fitting!



Visible bra when I don’t have my arms down directly by my sides


Pretty scooped back with a small zipper embellishment. I hadn’t noticed that it was partially unzipped until this picture, it might be my boobs pressing against the front unzip it? Also the roll beneath my band here is just a product of hastily thrown on shapewear!

One of the main reasons I bought this dress is that, aside from fitting me fairly well, it’s very versatile. As you can see, I don’t need to wear a belt with it, but if I want to, it looks great. Here I added a gold belt and (though you can’t see them) gold sandals to go for a summery look.


This would be a great look for going to dinner with friends in the summer, or any other casual occasion that I wanted to look cute for! I can also make it work for spring or fall by adding my trusty black cropped sweater.


Since the sweater conceals my usually visible bra, it makes the dress a bit more appropriate for less casual occasions, like dinner at a nicer restaurant, or going to eat with my grandparents. If I were to add tights, it would be a great dress to wear through fall and winter (well… winter here in South Carolina, where the coldest it ever gets is ~40F).

As you can see, it’s a decently modest neckline when paired with my PL Mak (padding removed). However, if I slip the pads back in, and layer the Mak over my Freya Deco (as seen in my post Cleavage Concerns), it becomes a cleavagey dress for date night or going out clubbing.



Overall, I thought this was a great purchase that was flattering AND versatile. My only gripe with this dress is that the fabric is slightly thin. Underneath the dress in these pictures I’m wearing my handy dandy shapewear (some no name brand from CVS Pharmacy that cost like $10), not because the dress is tight and shows my rolls, but because you can see my bellybutton through the thin fabric and it freaks me out. Also, it is slightly see through. I didn’t realize this when I bought it, because I was wearing my Mak, and the red under the coral color of the dress is invisible. Later, when I tried to wear it with my  black Freya Deco… things did not work out as well. I still would wear it with all my bras (even the black one- refer to the top of the post “I don’t care if you can see my bra a little”), but it does mean that when I’m trying to be a bit more conservative or modest that my underwear options are limited. For reference, here’s what I was wearing underneath:


Hopefully y’all enjoyed my first outfit post! I said at the end of my last post that I was going to start branching out, and thought that since I have my new Urkye dress on the way (it shipped today!) I should probably get some outfit post practice! Also thanks for bearing with me through all the crappy cell phone pictures… I used to have a camera, but it was in a purse that got stolen, and ever since then other things (usually lingerie!) have come before “new camera” on my list of things to buy. But I’ll get one someday… Promise!