The Pros And Cons Of Breasts

I’ll try to keep this as short as possible, since it’s going to be a bit of a rant, and probably not going to be all that interesting for y’all. But this is something that’s been taking up a lot of my mind this past week, and what better place to get my boob thoughts off my chest (pun completely and totally intended) than on my boob-related blog?

Lately I’ve been having an all out love-hate BATTLE with my breasts. I just can’t seem to reach a happy place with them. Out of a bra, they look weirdly small. In one they look gigantic and disproportionate. In clothes they appear smaller again, but at the same time make my body look 2 sizes bigger.

That’s just one issue I’ve been having. But I’ve been dealing with it, because I can tell that’s almost entirely in my head.

My second issue is trying to decide how I feel about the attention I receive when I put the girls on display. Some days I’m proud of my boobs! I think they look awesome. I like cleavage (both on other people and on me!). So, when I get dressed in the morning, I play up the assets I like best, and some days, that means showing off the boobs. Lately, showing some cleavage has been getting more reaction than usual, such as male classmates  (in the engineering world, male classmates = all classmates) buying me drinks from the soda machine, walking me to my next class, offering to help with homework… None of these boys even talk to me on days that I’m wearing a t-shirt. Girls, on the other hand, are decidedly friendlier when I’m dressed more conservatively.

My only class this semester that’s NOT male dominated, where maybe I actually could get away from feeling like boobs on a stick, is yoga. This has been a great class for most of the semester, but some of the poses feel IMPOSSIBLE with large breasts.

Okay, imagine trying to do this with 28Js…

It’s not very pleasant! My one class where I could get away from all this boob attention and just exercise and relax and even here they’re on my mind (or face, in this particular pose).

It seems like lately even using my laptop to write about disliking my boobs has led to me disliking my boobs…

Ok, but I titled this post the PROS and Cons of Breasts… so how about we discuss some pros!

1. Kitten shelf. ‘Nuff said.

DISCLAIMER: I do not buy bras from VS. But their tank tops are very comfy and well fitting 🙂

2. Despite what my mind may think… my boobs actually make my body look better and more proportionate, not like boobs on a stick. With 40 inch hips, a small bust could make my entire upper body (since I have a small ribcage too) look a bit out of place.

3. There are clothes that smaller chested girls don’t fill out, that I can look great in. Large breasts help emphasize a small waist, especially with a belt 🙂

4. Even though the boy’s motives may have been questionable… I’m going to count free Diet Cokes from the vending machine as a boob pro.

5. Tons of cute bras actually DO exist in my size, and are cheap to buy if you know where to go.

6. They’re my very own conversation starter when it comes to helping other women find their correct bra size.

7. My boyfriend loves them 🙂

8. It’s comforting to put my head down and give them a cuddle sometimes (is that weird? I can’t be the only one who cuddles my own breasts…)

9. Convenient buffer between me and people who try to get into my personal space.

10. They’re mine and I wouldn’t feel quite like me without them.

Phew! *Wipes sweat from brow* I came into this post filled with negative thoughts of my breasts and my body, and writing it all out has made me feel much better! I’m sure the “cons” section at the beginning didn’t do anyone else a lick of good… but hopefully my list of pros has made some of y’all think about what you love about your breasts. Anything I missed? 🙂

Resources on the Problems of Being Busty:

1. I’m very active in this online community… /r/bigboobproblems on Reddit! Very supportive women, always willing to give advice and commiserate!

2. Busty Girl Comics– daily webcomic featuring the problems and perks of large breasts!

Curvy Kate Showgirl Collection, Part II – Tempt Me

Hello! I have hijacked my boyfriend’s internet to write a new post, so although I don’t have my own internet yet, hopefully updates can become a bit more regular again!

Today’s review is of the Curvy Kate Tempt Me in Black/Scarlet, which I purchased a month or so ago from Brastop in a 28J.

I feel like there aren’t as many reviews for the Tempt Me as there are for the Tease Me and Thrill Me, so I’m glad that I’ll be able to put my review out there! I have a lot of good things to say, but I can definitely tell why it’s not as popular as the other parts of this collection.

ImageI personally LOVE the look of this bra. The Scarlet color isn’t a straight red, it’s more of a red-magenta mix that looks very nice mixed with the black lace. A little more girly-sexy, whereas a strictly red hue would’ve come off more sex-vixen-sexy. The little button detailing also adds to this girly-sexy vibe. The materials are nice and soft, and the bra is lined with a cottony material similar to all the other Showgirls. This makes these bras a better bet in heat than some other padded options!

As for the fit, I already knew it wasn’t going to be perfect, but I have very close set breasts and desperately wanted a plunge bra, so I bought it anyway! It isn’t a horrible fit, and I still wear this bra fairly often, but in this I’d really prefer to have a 26K or so. The band fit fairly firm at first, but is extremely stretchy, and the cups run small. So, for me, a fairly true 28J (sometimes a HH), the gore doesn’t sit quite flat and I fall out of the cups, resulting in four boobs.


My biggest problem with this bra is something that I saw in every review, but for some reason didn’t expect to happen to me. The bottom inch of the cup folds and makes a strange crease that makes me not care too much for how the bra looks when it’s on.


The strangest part of this crease is that it looks like I’m not filling out the cups in the bottom… but when I take the bra off after wearing it all day, the wire indentations are right at the root of my breast. Hmmm, strange indeed…

Aside from the issues, I love how this bra makes my boobs look… without a shirt on. Naked, I get great cleavage that reminds me of the 34DD bras I used to wear. All of the cleavage, only a few hints of the horrible fit! That being said, with a shirt on, I find this bra pretty underwhelming. I like my breasts to project a lot, and this bra just does not provide that. Because of this, I find myself reaching for my Tease Me and Thrill Me before I even consider this bra.

I don’t have any pictures, because I have somehow already lost them (how does one lose panties?!?!), but I also purchased the matching thong in a size 14 UK. As the size 12 Emily shorts were already almost too big for me, I was worried the 14 wouldn’t work, but it was the closest size Brastop had left in stock. They ended up being probably 2 sizes too small! I was so surprised and disappointed. I kept them, as they’re not UNWEARABLE… but they give a pretty good case of muffin top. Aside from the weird sizing, they were very pretty, and surprisingly comfortable for a too small thong.

 Overall, if you can go up a cup and down a back size, I would recommend this set. Although the fit isn’t quite right for me, I like having this set in my drawer as an option under low cut shirts and as a bedroom set!