Review: Curvy Kate Princess, Part II

So once upon a time, when I very first started this blog, I reviewed the Curvy Kate Princess in white in a 30H. Obviously, that is not my size anymore (and it wasn’t REALLY my size at the time, I needed a 28HH), but I remembered liking the Princess for it’s more subdued shape and pretty dots and embroidery, so I ordered one in pink and white from Brastop, and got the matching thong from a seller on ebay.

Here’s the set:


The thong is too high rise for me, and I feel like it really minimizes the size of my hips, so I scooched it down and this is how I actually wear it (but I wanted to show the actual rise for the sake of the review):


The bra here is a 28JJ, and the thong is a size 12. I probably could’ve gone for the 14 in terms of hip width, but since it’s already more coverage than I like, I’m not sure that I would’ve really liked the 14 more.

As far as the bra goes, the band is a lot firmer than the 30H was, and seems to be on par with my PL Mak when it was new, making it a very firm 28. Honestly, I would even consider bumping up to a 30J if I didn’t remember how quickly I moved through the hooks on my previous Princess, because since this bra has such wide wires, a larger band would probably allow the cups to fit better. But, doing so would severely limit the life expectancy of the bra, and I’m not really willing to do that (also exchanges are a hassle).

The cups are a decent fit, though I get empty space in the bottoms of the cups. I don’t think this is a size issue, because I fill the rest of the cup out well, and the straps aren’t fastened too tightly, so I’m not just disguising a too large cup by tightening the straps. Even if I try to pull the bra up to fill out that space, my boobs just won’t go into it, so it’s definitely a shape issue. It might be because the wires are too wide for me. I kind of like having a bra with wider wires though, because I still have some tissue that could be a bit more forward, that tends to fall out of my Ewa Michalak bras so it hasn’t gotten a chance to migrate (I think because EM’s straps are so wide set). The cups cover a lot more boob than I normally like to have covered, but since I bought this specifically for more modest days (and because it was pretty!) I don’t really mind. I think it would probably cover less space on someone whose boobs were not as high set on their chest as mine are.

The straps and sides of the cups are definitely too wide, and cut into my armpits, but not uncomfortably so, and since I’m rather petite, this isn’t a new problem for me. The straps are also only half adjustable technically, but I’m stubborn and need very short straps so I tightened over the embroidery, which isn’t very hard to do.




Overall, I like this bra as much as I remember, and it will be nice to finally have an unpadded bra that fits back in my bra drawer.

Curvy Kate Showgirl Collection, Part II – Tempt Me

Hello! I have hijacked my boyfriend’s internet to write a new post, so although I don’t have my own internet yet, hopefully updates can become a bit more regular again!

Today’s review is of the Curvy Kate Tempt Me in Black/Scarlet, which I purchased a month or so ago from Brastop in a 28J.

I feel like there aren’t as many reviews for the Tempt Me as there are for the Tease Me and Thrill Me, so I’m glad that I’ll be able to put my review out there! I have a lot of good things to say, but I can definitely tell why it’s not as popular as the other parts of this collection.

ImageI personally LOVE the look of this bra. The Scarlet color isn’t a straight red, it’s more of a red-magenta mix that looks very nice mixed with the black lace. A little more girly-sexy, whereas a strictly red hue would’ve come off more sex-vixen-sexy. The little button detailing also adds to this girly-sexy vibe. The materials are nice and soft, and the bra is lined with a cottony material similar to all the other Showgirls. This makes these bras a better bet in heat than some other padded options!

As for the fit, I already knew it wasn’t going to be perfect, but I have very close set breasts and desperately wanted a plunge bra, so I bought it anyway! It isn’t a horrible fit, and I still wear this bra fairly often, but in this I’d really prefer to have a 26K or so. The band fit fairly firm at first, but is extremely stretchy, and the cups run small. So, for me, a fairly true 28J (sometimes a HH), the gore doesn’t sit quite flat and I fall out of the cups, resulting in four boobs.


My biggest problem with this bra is something that I saw in every review, but for some reason didn’t expect to happen to me. The bottom inch of the cup folds and makes a strange crease that makes me not care too much for how the bra looks when it’s on.


The strangest part of this crease is that it looks like I’m not filling out the cups in the bottom… but when I take the bra off after wearing it all day, the wire indentations are right at the root of my breast. Hmmm, strange indeed…

Aside from the issues, I love how this bra makes my boobs look… without a shirt on. Naked, I get great cleavage that reminds me of the 34DD bras I used to wear. All of the cleavage, only a few hints of the horrible fit! That being said, with a shirt on, I find this bra pretty underwhelming. I like my breasts to project a lot, and this bra just does not provide that. Because of this, I find myself reaching for my Tease Me and Thrill Me before I even consider this bra.

I don’t have any pictures, because I have somehow already lost them (how does one lose panties?!?!), but I also purchased the matching thong in a size 14 UK. As the size 12 Emily shorts were already almost too big for me, I was worried the 14 wouldn’t work, but it was the closest size Brastop had left in stock. They ended up being probably 2 sizes too small! I was so surprised and disappointed. I kept them, as they’re not UNWEARABLE… but they give a pretty good case of muffin top. Aside from the weird sizing, they were very pretty, and surprisingly comfortable for a too small thong.

 Overall, if you can go up a cup and down a back size, I would recommend this set. Although the fit isn’t quite right for me, I like having this set in my drawer as an option under low cut shirts and as a bedroom set!

Curvy Kate Showgirl Collection, Part I – Tease Me

During Brastop’s huge sale this past month, I managed to snatch up the Tempt Me in a 28J, the Tease Me in a 28J, and the Thrill Me in a 28HH, so those reviews are all coming shortly! First up, the Tease Me in a 28J, in the Silver/Black colorway.


From the front- definitely “cakes on a platter” look going on here!


From an angle- cleavage even more apparent!

Ok, I have to say it. I have fallen in bra love. I want to buy this bra in every color they ever make ever (especially this one in pink and white!) because it is exactly what I want in a bra. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before on here, but I actually really like having big boobs. I don’t want to make them look smaller, I want them to look the size that they are (or even a little tiiiiiiny bit bigger is ok, like as much as a thinly padded bra might add), and this bra ACCOMPLISHES! And it does it while still being comfortable enough to be worn to work, and after work, for a total of around 15 hours without me feeling scratched or uncomfortable.

Something else that I love about this bra is that it is extremely low cut. If they made this bra in a 28JJ though, I would get it, because while wearing it with tank tops I am occasionally concerned about a nip slip in this 28J, and also I get slight double boob if I don’t occasionally readjust. The benefit to wearing a 28J however is that the spaghetti strap tank tops that I wear almost religiously during the hot summer months aren’t ruined by a collarbone high bra (like the Panache Tango, which I also loved, but for different reasons).

View under a tank top from the front- slightly cleavagey, but not too much!

View from side in tank top- definitely not minimizing! (Please excuse the double boob, which is caused by the shirt, not the bra. Yes I still wear things like this in real life despite the breast conflictions 😛 )

A last note on the fit- it’s widely told that Showgirl bras have a very loose and stretchy band, but I didn’t find this to be the case. I measure between 28.5 and 29 underbust, depending on the time of the month, my weight, etc., and find this band to be as firm if not firmer than some of my other 28s!

I’m trying really hard to think of some complaints with this bra besides it’s limited size range… and… I can’t think of any! If I could get this in a 28JJ for the days when I wanted my cleavage a little less in-your-face, it would probably be my ideal bra. Also if Curvy Kate would make this exact shape into a basic bra in continuity colors with minimum embellishment… that would be more than ok with me! 🙂

Review: Curvy Kate Emily

I love red underwear. And after my near success with the Curvy Kate Princess, I decided to snatch up the Emily in “Flame” that was on sale at Brastop.

I knew a 30 band was too large, but thought that other Curvy Kate bras would run larger than the Princess, so I kept the same cup volume by purchasing the 28HH. I also bought the shorts in a size 12.

The shorts fit pretty well. I’d heard Curvy Kate pants run small, so I went up a size from what I thought I’d wear in most brands, but I think I overestimated a little, as they’re a little large. Next time I buy the matching panties I think that I’ll go for a 10 in this brand. They have embroidery that matches the bra, and are sheer all around. I think they’re really really adorable and am very pleased with them!

The bra is also very beautiful, the color is very flattering (especially now that I’m freshly tanned from the beach!), and I thought that I liked the shape… at first.

After a few days I realized that I actually disliked the shape. It’s what blogger Bras I Hate calls the “sad” shape. Basically the bra kind of makes your boob point towards the ground. She’s found that this is often a symptom of too small a cup in Curvy Kate, and I began to wonder if that was what was causing it in my case.

Soon I realized that my  nipples were sitting right in the middle of the sheer section, even though my nipples aren’t particularly high set, and I haven’t seen anyone else’s nipples in this bra. Since my nipple is the fullest part of my breast and it wasn’t sitting in the fullest part of the cup, my boob was kind of getting smashed down and flattened by the sheer section of the cup.

Since then, it’s just become more and more obvious to me that this cup is too small. I’m nervous about going up a cup though, because the wires on this bra are very very wide, and the side of the cup comes all the way up to my armpit. I’m beginning to think that even though this bra is beautiful, it’s not a good cut for me. It seems to be too shallow and too wide for me, because I think if I went up to a 28J or JJ the shape would be better, but I can’t imagine it coming up any higher under my arm!

Overall I like the look of this bra so much that I’m willing to buy a larger size to try and get the right fit, but I’m not sure it will work. There are tons of women who really love this bra, and one thing I do love about it is how flat it lays underneath clothing. In the Princess the velvet polka dots are very visible under clothing, but the embroidery on the Emily lays flat and is invisible under almost all clothes I’ve worn it under.

Hopefully some day I’ll be able to update this review with the correct size, and hopefully it will be happier, since I love the look of this bra so much, and it comes in so many pretty colors! Not to mention it’s usually on pretty deep discount at Brastop!

Review: Curvy Kate Princess

I’d read in other reviews that the fit in the Princess was hard to get, so I ordered up from what I considered my size to a 30H, and I’m so glad I did. This bra really is beautiful, and I plan on ordering it in my more correct size soon, but until then this one will do.


The bra features velvet polka dots that are just SO soft and smooth and add a great texture to the bra, although it does make it difficult to wear under thinner knits, as they bump up underneath. I wear it anyway, and find that the bumps also conceal any nipple appearances that may occur in the freezer aisle of the grocery store.

It has a very pretty lace top with a ribbon run through it. The ribbon is a little tight, and cuts into my breast in the 30H, so when I order again I plan on ordering a 28J or 28JJ, as I also fasten the band on the tightest hook.


(You can’t see the cutting in so much but I promise it’s there! 🙂 )

This is my favorite of the shapes that the non padded Curvy Kates have given me so far. I also own the Emily in a 28HH and this shape is just FAR superior. The shape is soft and rounded but still natural looking. It isn’t my favorite shape overall (I prefer Cleo’s very round look) but it’s nice for days that I want to minimize a bit.


I have 2 negatives for this bra:

  1. The straps are not fully adjustable. I am a short person (around 5’3″), and usually need to adjust the straps pretty tightly to get good lift. The Princess has very pretty embroidery on the straps, but it limits their adjustability. I made do by just carefully pushing the embroidery through, but it did make some of it come a little loose and not look as nice.
  2. The second problem is purely because of the color I chose, but the velvet polka dots picked up the colors of all the shirts I’ve worn over it and it hasn’t come out even though I’ve washed it twice. I’m pretty sure this is a white problem, not a problem with the bra, but it’s something to be aware of if you’re thinking of purchasing.

I’m glad that I like the Princess because it comes in like a million beautiful colors. I’m especially into the red, hot pink, and indigo versions:




Overall the Princess is currently my second favorite seamed cup bra, and I give it my seal of approval!

Curvy Kate Spring/Summer 13!

Eventually this blog will have reviews to help out all you lovely ladies who must resort to online ordering (like me!). I have reviews coming up for the Alegro Summer Dream, Curvy Kate Princess, Masquerade Rhea, Cleo Lucy, and the Curvy Kate Emily! First, though, I’m going to cover the beautiful SS13 photos that Curvy Kate just released!

I only have the Princess (in white) so far, but I loved it so much that an Emily is already on the way. This brand is my favorite in terms of keeping larger cupped bras pretty and young looking. I’ve found that even in brands that make very beautiful bras, once you get over a G cup they sort of start taking over your whole chest, something that is not desirable in the Deep South summer heat! This new collection is really stunning, so without further ado…

First up is a gorgeous new shape- the Enchant. This is an unpadded plunge bra, and as someone whose entire lingerie drawer is currently balconettes, this is a shape that I’m looking forward to trying!


Look at that gorgeous color!! I personally love purple, as its flattering on almost everybody. The other part of this style that I’m really impressed by are the adorable pink bows on the straps. I love little embellishments, but I’m glad to see that these bows were kept small. When I received my Princess, the ribbons were very large and floppy- I ended up cutting them off.

Next up is a fairly new style- the Lottie- in a fashion color!


I haven’t been fortunate enough to try the Lottie at all yet, but part of the reason I haven’t ordered it is because I’ve yet to really love a colorway. This, however, has gotten me all in a fluster! The color! The floral! The pink mesh and lace! I am in love.

The next offering is their much anticipated Smoothie, in pink!


I’m pretty excited about this bra, since outgrowing the Deco range! I almost exclusively wear thin t-shirts and tank tops, and while I deal with lace and seams showing through, I really would love a good molded cup that doesn’t weirdly separate my boobs *coughfantasiecough*… It’s also coming out in this beautiful “blush” color that I’m even more pumped for:


Sorry for the super small image… can’t quite figure it out…

Next is another classic in a new colorway, the Portia.


Another style I haven’t tried yet, but is well loved. I’m a little iffy on the sea foam/fuchsia combo, although I love each color individually… I think I’ll have to see this one in person!

This is the one I’m personally the most excited for… the Desire.


I love padded cups, and I love a plunge shape. And I love the color and the panties! I love everything!

A new addition to the Showgirl range, the Entice, gets a lovely spring makeover… and I have to say, I like this even better than the AW12 version!


LOVE the vintage colors! Peach is one of the most flattering colors for my skin tone, not to mention that its a pretty color that is still discrete under clothes…

A few other classics are getting exciting makeovers next spring…




A lavender Princess, gray Romance, fuchsia and gray Tempt Me… Personally, I’m jazzed about the lavender Princess (more purple in what’s currently my favorite bra!) and the gray Romance (it sounds weird… but gray is kind of my favorite color…)

Here is the link for all of these photos, both for crediting purposes, and because you can see some of the smaller pictures in their intended size there (that small picture of the gray Romance really does not do it justice!).

What are y’all excited about for next spring?! Let me know!