A little bit of a rant

So, I’m on spring break right now, and my ex-boyfriend (who I’m still good friends with) went to the beach with a couple of his friends. Today, he called me, and we were talking about his trip, and he tells me about one of the girls that was there.

“Robin, you won’t believe what she thought her bra size was… She was wearing a 36DD”

“What?! Well did you tell her?!”

And he had! He had told her that her bra size was almost definitely 100% wrong. I was so proud of him! Unfortunately, she didn’t believe him. He even told her about my bra journey, but it was apparently met with cries of, “I’m not thin enough to be in a smaller band…”, “I don’t think I could fit in anything bigger than a DD…”, “I don’t WANT to be more than a DD”, and the one that really really REALLY bothered me… “Boys like the too-small look.” 



I have gotten a lot of excuses for why girls aren’t wearing a bra that fits, but this “guys-like-it-better” is the worst. Mostly because guys don’t even know better! They don’t necessarily like the too-small look. They like cleavage! And if anything, you’re going to get better cleavage in a well fitted plunge bra than in a poorly fitted bra because the band will actually be there to support your boobs and squeeze them in!

And even then, “Guys like the too-small look” is not a reason to wear a too small bra EVERY DAY. I would be totally lying if I said I didn’t still have a 34DD Victoria’s Secret padded bra lying around that I would occasionally wear for a few minutes as lingerie (or under a second bra, for the “insane porn star boobs” look that I discuss in my post Cleavage Concerns) but I would never wear that thing every day! It’s so uncomfortable and unsupportive!

The other thing about this, is the “I can’t fit into a smaller band”. This is a bra fitting issue on par with the DDs-are-huge myth, if you ask me. Because 32 is the smallest sold in stores, people think 32 = very thin, 34 = thin/average, 36 = larger side of average, 38 = overweight… And this just isn’t true!

I haven’t met the girl this post is based on, but after the conversation with the ex, I did facebook stalk her. And though she appears slightly overweight in her photos, she is definitely NOT larger than a 32 band (unless she has a flared ribcage, which does sometimes happen). Looking at this girl, I would guess 32FF. But because of the limited availability of sizes in the US, she can’t imagine that size even existing 😦

I know you can’t save all the boobies in the world… but meeting skeptical women makes me so sad. And I am so tempted to facebook message her myself to push the issue, but I know that would just be obnoxious. Perhaps she didn’t believe that her bra size was wrong because it was a man who said it? Who knows. But I’m going to end this rant now, because I doubt y’all really care. I just was very annoyed and needed to type my feelings out!

Thanks for reading my rant guys! Have any fellow bravangelizers out there had to deal with skeptics? What do you say to convince women that maybe it is worth it to double check their bra size?

The Pros And Cons Of Breasts

I’ll try to keep this as short as possible, since it’s going to be a bit of a rant, and probably not going to be all that interesting for y’all. But this is something that’s been taking up a lot of my mind this past week, and what better place to get my boob thoughts off my chest (pun completely and totally intended) than on my boob-related blog?

Lately I’ve been having an all out love-hate BATTLE with my breasts. I just can’t seem to reach a happy place with them. Out of a bra, they look weirdly small. In one they look gigantic and disproportionate. In clothes they appear smaller again, but at the same time make my body look 2 sizes bigger.

That’s just one issue I’ve been having. But I’ve been dealing with it, because I can tell that’s almost entirely in my head.

My second issue is trying to decide how I feel about the attention I receive when I put the girls on display. Some days I’m proud of my boobs! I think they look awesome. I like cleavage (both on other people and on me!). So, when I get dressed in the morning, I play up the assets I like best, and some days, that means showing off the boobs. Lately, showing some cleavage has been getting more reaction than usual, such as male classmates  (in the engineering world, male classmates = all classmates) buying me drinks from the soda machine, walking me to my next class, offering to help with homework… None of these boys even talk to me on days that I’m wearing a t-shirt. Girls, on the other hand, are decidedly friendlier when I’m dressed more conservatively.

My only class this semester that’s NOT male dominated, where maybe I actually could get away from feeling like boobs on a stick, is yoga. This has been a great class for most of the semester, but some of the poses feel IMPOSSIBLE with large breasts.

Okay, imagine trying to do this with 28Js…

It’s not very pleasant! My one class where I could get away from all this boob attention and just exercise and relax and even here they’re on my mind (or face, in this particular pose).

It seems like lately even using my laptop to write about disliking my boobs has led to me disliking my boobs…

Ok, but I titled this post the PROS and Cons of Breasts… so how about we discuss some pros!

1. Kitten shelf. ‘Nuff said.

DISCLAIMER: I do not buy bras from VS. But their tank tops are very comfy and well fitting 🙂

2. Despite what my mind may think… my boobs actually make my body look better and more proportionate, not like boobs on a stick. With 40 inch hips, a small bust could make my entire upper body (since I have a small ribcage too) look a bit out of place.

3. There are clothes that smaller chested girls don’t fill out, that I can look great in. Large breasts help emphasize a small waist, especially with a belt 🙂

4. Even though the boy’s motives may have been questionable… I’m going to count free Diet Cokes from the vending machine as a boob pro.

5. Tons of cute bras actually DO exist in my size, and are cheap to buy if you know where to go.

6. They’re my very own conversation starter when it comes to helping other women find their correct bra size.

7. My boyfriend loves them 🙂

8. It’s comforting to put my head down and give them a cuddle sometimes (is that weird? I can’t be the only one who cuddles my own breasts…)

9. Convenient buffer between me and people who try to get into my personal space.

10. They’re mine and I wouldn’t feel quite like me without them.

Phew! *Wipes sweat from brow* I came into this post filled with negative thoughts of my breasts and my body, and writing it all out has made me feel much better! I’m sure the “cons” section at the beginning didn’t do anyone else a lick of good… but hopefully my list of pros has made some of y’all think about what you love about your breasts. Anything I missed? 🙂

Resources on the Problems of Being Busty:

1. I’m very active in this online community… /r/bigboobproblems on Reddit! Very supportive women, always willing to give advice and commiserate!

2. Busty Girl Comics– daily webcomic featuring the problems and perks of large breasts!