Curvy Kate Spring/Summer 13!

Eventually this blog will have reviews to help out all you lovely ladies who must resort to online ordering (like me!). I have reviews coming up for the Alegro Summer Dream, Curvy Kate Princess, Masquerade Rhea, Cleo Lucy, and the Curvy Kate Emily! First, though, I’m going to cover the beautiful SS13 photos that Curvy Kate just released!

I only have the Princess (in white) so far, but I loved it so much that an Emily is already on the way. This brand is my favorite in terms of keeping larger cupped bras pretty and young looking. I’ve found that even in brands that make very beautiful bras, once you get over a G cup they sort of start taking over your whole chest, something that is not desirable in the Deep South summer heat! This new collection is really stunning, so without further ado…

First up is a gorgeous new shape- the Enchant. This is an unpadded plunge bra, and as someone whose entire lingerie drawer is currently balconettes, this is a shape that I’m looking forward to trying!


Look at that gorgeous color!! I personally love purple, as its flattering on almost everybody. The other part of this style that I’m really impressed by are the adorable pink bows on the straps. I love little embellishments, but I’m glad to see that these bows were kept small. When I received my Princess, the ribbons were very large and floppy- I ended up cutting them off.

Next up is a fairly new style- the Lottie- in a fashion color!


I haven’t been fortunate enough to try the Lottie at all yet, but part of the reason I haven’t ordered it is because I’ve yet to really love a colorway. This, however, has gotten me all in a fluster! The color! The floral! The pink mesh and lace! I am in love.

The next offering is their much anticipated Smoothie, in pink!


I’m pretty excited about this bra, since outgrowing the Deco range! I almost exclusively wear thin t-shirts and tank tops, and while I deal with lace and seams showing through, I really would love a good molded cup that doesn’t weirdly separate my boobs *coughfantasiecough*… It’s also coming out in this beautiful “blush” color that I’m even more pumped for:


Sorry for the super small image… can’t quite figure it out…

Next is another classic in a new colorway, the Portia.


Another style I haven’t tried yet, but is well loved. I’m a little iffy on the sea foam/fuchsia combo, although I love each color individually… I think I’ll have to see this one in person!

This is the one I’m personally the most excited for… the Desire.


I love padded cups, and I love a plunge shape. And I love the color and the panties! I love everything!

A new addition to the Showgirl range, the Entice, gets a lovely spring makeover… and I have to say, I like this even better than the AW12 version!


LOVE the vintage colors! Peach is one of the most flattering colors for my skin tone, not to mention that its a pretty color that is still discrete under clothes…

A few other classics are getting exciting makeovers next spring…




A lavender Princess, gray Romance, fuchsia and gray Tempt Me… Personally, I’m jazzed about the lavender Princess (more purple in what’s currently my favorite bra!) and the gray Romance (it sounds weird… but gray is kind of my favorite color…)

Here is the link for all of these photos, both for crediting purposes, and because you can see some of the smaller pictures in their intended size there (that small picture of the gray Romance really does not do it justice!).

What are y’all excited about for next spring?! Let me know!

Hello World!

Hello world of blogging! My name is Robin, and after months of reading lingerie and fashion blogs I figured it was time to start my own. BUT! Before we get to all the lovely lovely undergarments, a little bit about me is in order.

I’m 19, a chemical engineering student, and in love with cats. If you are reading this blog, you probably know about how living in the US greatly limits your exposure to well fitted bras. I was lucky enough to be properly fitted 3 years ago, at the young age of 16 years, thereby limiting my exposure to the years of potential pain that wearing the wrong size bra can  bring.

Even now, it’s embarrassing to think that I ever believed the 34DD I squeezed myself into fit well, but, you know, when   your mother thinks she wears a 38A (I measured her at around a 34D/36C!) and therefore does not care about a well fitting bra at all, a girl must rely on the local Victoria’s Secret to care for her breasts.

Now that I know my true size (it’s fluctuating right now, but I believe it’s around 28HH), it is my mission to educate the women I come in contact with about the evils of the +4 method! Some people might not appreciate my enthusiasm (I’m looking at you, big sister!), but I personally am more than okay with being obsessed with (helping other women’s) breasts!