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Hello! I realized the other day that I never mentioned you can also follow my blog on Facebook! I have a decent amount (well, in my mind anyway) of readers here on WordPress, but only ~20 “likes” on Facebook, so if you’re reading this you should go like my page! I always post my updates there, as well as share other lingerie links and random musings. Lately I probably post there a little more often than I do here because I can do it easily from my phone! Not to mention it’ll be easier for you guys to ask any questions that may seem “off topic” on any given post. I’d love to have more interaction with my readers, and Facebook seems like a good way to do it!

So here’s the link: Obsessed With Breasts

Go like! 🙂

Halloween With Curves

Halloween is coming up soon, and for me the celebrations will be beginning less than a week from now, so you can imagine how stressed I was that (until yesterday) I didn’t have a costume!

I’d been looking around online for costumes for a long time, but when you are curvy, it’s just impossible to know which costumes will be… too much, if you will, in person. And then, when you find one that looks like it would be appropriate for the general public, how can you tell what size to order? Should you order the small/medium to fit the waist? Or the large/extra large for the boobs and butt? Unfortunately, these dilemmas led me to a much more expensive Halloween store to try on a million and one costumes. Here are the main problems I ran into:

1. Skirts that are just too short

I know, these are “sexy” costumes I’m trying on, of course they’re going to be revealing, etc. etc. But when you’ve got some junk in the trunk, things that would be skanky-cute on another girl on Halloween becomes skanky-stripper on you.


You can’t tell that much from the angle, but my butt is literally 1 finger width away from greeting the world. This is an otherwise cute costume that a curvy girl just can’t wear in public 😦

2. But… Where is my bra supposed to go?

This is probably my MOST RUN INTO PROBLEM and it really limits what I can wear on Halloween. So many costumes are adorable, but just are not practical when you have breasts that need supporting, such as these:

And I don’t have a strapless bra (very few options for a 28J), so pretty much anything strapless is out. The only costume I found that I could go bra-free in was the same devil costume whose skirt is pictured above.


The key to this costume is that the top is a “corset” (aka cheap plastic boning is in the bodice). It does an alright job of keeping the girls up, but I can’t help but think about how worried I’d be all night about keeping them in place, and the weight that my neck would be forced to carry from the tie halter top. The even worse part of this top though, is a problem that deserves a section of this post all to itself…

3. Too big in the waist!

Curvy women everywhere know how hard it is to find something that fits in both the boobs/butt and the waist too. This is hard enough in regular clothes, but somehow in costumes this problem is even more exaggerated. It’s hard to tell in the picture above, but the corset for that devil costume is about 2″-3″ too large everywhere below my boobs. It’s not even sitting on the skin. And yet my boobs are threatening to make a break for it. Here’s another great example of this problem:


Here the waist fits well enough, just slightly large, but as you can see, that button is getting read to pull right off. Very frustrating.


Maybe this is just me… but I think my curvy figure looks kind of awful in drop waist clothing. This isn’t something I usually have to deal with, but SO MANY costumes are drop waisted!.

I just find the drop waist increases the chances of the waist not being fitted enough, and since usually the “waist” hits right at my hips, it emphasizes the widest part of me. I like when my hips are emphasized… but only if my small waist is being emphasized too!

So those are the main problems that I ran into Halloween shopping… Have you had any similar issues? Am I wrong about drop waists?

My First Ewa Michalak!

Hello! Sorry for the very long absence again you guys. You may know I’m an engineering student, which sometimes means my life is filled with at least one test a week. On top of this one-test-a-week schedule, my boyfriend of 3 years and I just broke up, so life has been a little crazy for the past month or so!

I tried writing this post last week, but when I went to publish it, the university internet went crazy and the post disappeared, and I got frustrated and didn’t immediately rewrite it. So, without further ado, here is the review for my first Ewa Michalak, the PL Lilia!


I ordered the PL Lilia through The Big Bra Bar when they were taking requests for a large custom order. I had been hesitant about ordering from EM directly, because custom sizes aren’t returnable, and I knew I would need a custom size but wasn’t willing to spend the money to try out non-custom sizes to suss out my size. The Big Bra Bar was awesome through the (very long) process, answering all my questions, and offering free shipping since it was my first order from them. Although it took over a month to receive my bra, the actual shipping from The Big Bra Bar was very fast, 10 days from the UK to South Carolina.

As for the bra, it is VERY beautiful. The white satin cups are amazing, and it is convertible, with 3 strap options: regular straps, comfort straps, and a halter strap. It also comes with removable push up pads (which they list for correctly of asymmetry, but I use them just for the extra cleavage on a night out 😉 ).

Unfortunately, the first guess of my size in EM bras wasn’t quite on. As you can see in the picture above, the cups are slightly too small for me, and I think I would’ve been more comfortable in a 28JJ for this style. The too-small-cups I think are really evident in the shape I get from the side in this bra:



Ewa Michalak is known for having a very uplifted, up front shape, and I just don’t get that from this plunge. I think it may be either that my high-set, round breasts would work better in a CH, HP, or CHP style, but I also think it could be a result of the too small cup, because the problem seems to be that the fullest part of my breast isn’t sitting in the fullest part of the cup, a problem I’ve had before, and remedied with a larger cup size. I hope that going up a cup would fix it, because I have very close set breasts and plunge is simply the most comfortable style for me!

My other complaint about this bra is that the wires are very stiff, and can get painful at the end of the day. At first I thought this was due to the very firm band, and having not been broken in yet, but even after the band had stretched to a very comfortable size the wires dug in at my rib cage. It isn’t enough to stop me from wearing this bra multiple times a week, but it is a little annoying. Also, sadly, the comfort straps are only half adjustable, and since I’m pretty short (~5’3″), they were simply too long for me to use. A great shame, because they are nice and wide, and the padding seemed like it would be extremely comfortable for a long day’s wear..

As all other reviews of EM bras have always said, the band is definitely tight, and if you’re in between band sizes you may want to size up. I measure ~28.5″ underbust (comfortably), and the 28 band was very hard to do up the first few times I tried to wear it. It’s comfortable now, but did take around 2 weeks to break in. The wires are the perfect width for my breasts, much narrower than any other brand I’ve worn (except Kris Line, whose wires are comparable).


Overall, if you’re looking to try out a bra from Ewa Michalak, I would go for it! They are definitely quality bras, and their styles are unlike anything else you see from the full-bust market.


  • Padded styles available in larger cup sizes
  • Plunge styles available in  larger cup sizes
  • Push up pads (for those who are asymmetrical, or those who like to show off a bit of extra boobage every once in a while!)
  • Narrow wires
  • Unique designs
  • Firm band


  • Stiff wires
  • Borderline-too-tight bands (why can’t any manufacturers just be consistently true to measurements? 😦 )
  • Comfort straps too long (for me)

Lastly, since I know this is why I put off ordering for so long, as a starting point I would most likely suggest just ordering your usual UK size, unless you read a review that says the band on that model definitely runs tight, or the cups small, or what have you. For me I found this method gave me a bra that was good enough to keep, even if not quite perfect, and is a much better fit than what their calculator suggested would’ve been (usually around a 32GG for me). I think a lot of my too-small-cups issues with this bra were because since the process was long, my boobs grew about a half inch from ordering to receiving, and also plunges are notorious for running small (across pretty much all brands).

So there you have it! Hopefully I’ll get another post up this weekend, since I’m on fall break and finally have access to internet at my parents house (yes, my apartment still does not have internet even though we were supposed to get it in SEPTEMBER).