My First Ewa Michalak!

Hello! Sorry for the very long absence again you guys. You may know I’m an engineering student, which sometimes means my life is filled with at least one test a week. On top of this one-test-a-week schedule, my boyfriend of 3 years and I just broke up, so life has been a little crazy for the past month or so!

I tried writing this post last week, but when I went to publish it, the university internet went crazy and the post disappeared, and I got frustrated and didn’t immediately rewrite it. So, without further ado, here is the review for my first Ewa Michalak, the PL Lilia!


I ordered the PL Lilia through The Big Bra Bar when they were taking requests for a large custom order. I had been hesitant about ordering from EM directly, because custom sizes aren’t returnable, and I knew I would need a custom size but wasn’t willing to spend the money to try out non-custom sizes to suss out my size. The Big Bra Bar was awesome through the (very long) process, answering all my questions, and offering free shipping since it was my first order from them. Although it took over a month to receive my bra, the actual shipping from The Big Bra Bar was very fast, 10 days from the UK to South Carolina.

As for the bra, it is VERY beautiful. The white satin cups are amazing, and it is convertible, with 3 strap options: regular straps, comfort straps, and a halter strap. It also comes with removable push up pads (which they list for correctly of asymmetry, but I use them just for the extra cleavage on a night out 😉 ).

Unfortunately, the first guess of my size in EM bras wasn’t quite on. As you can see in the picture above, the cups are slightly too small for me, and I think I would’ve been more comfortable in a 28JJ for this style. The too-small-cups I think are really evident in the shape I get from the side in this bra:



Ewa Michalak is known for having a very uplifted, up front shape, and I just don’t get that from this plunge. I think it may be either that my high-set, round breasts would work better in a CH, HP, or CHP style, but I also think it could be a result of the too small cup, because the problem seems to be that the fullest part of my breast isn’t sitting in the fullest part of the cup, a problem I’ve had before, and remedied with a larger cup size. I hope that going up a cup would fix it, because I have very close set breasts and plunge is simply the most comfortable style for me!

My other complaint about this bra is that the wires are very stiff, and can get painful at the end of the day. At first I thought this was due to the very firm band, and having not been broken in yet, but even after the band had stretched to a very comfortable size the wires dug in at my rib cage. It isn’t enough to stop me from wearing this bra multiple times a week, but it is a little annoying. Also, sadly, the comfort straps are only half adjustable, and since I’m pretty short (~5’3″), they were simply too long for me to use. A great shame, because they are nice and wide, and the padding seemed like it would be extremely comfortable for a long day’s wear..

As all other reviews of EM bras have always said, the band is definitely tight, and if you’re in between band sizes you may want to size up. I measure ~28.5″ underbust (comfortably), and the 28 band was very hard to do up the first few times I tried to wear it. It’s comfortable now, but did take around 2 weeks to break in. The wires are the perfect width for my breasts, much narrower than any other brand I’ve worn (except Kris Line, whose wires are comparable).


Overall, if you’re looking to try out a bra from Ewa Michalak, I would go for it! They are definitely quality bras, and their styles are unlike anything else you see from the full-bust market.


  • Padded styles available in larger cup sizes
  • Plunge styles available in  larger cup sizes
  • Push up pads (for those who are asymmetrical, or those who like to show off a bit of extra boobage every once in a while!)
  • Narrow wires
  • Unique designs
  • Firm band


  • Stiff wires
  • Borderline-too-tight bands (why can’t any manufacturers just be consistently true to measurements? 😦 )
  • Comfort straps too long (for me)

Lastly, since I know this is why I put off ordering for so long, as a starting point I would most likely suggest just ordering your usual UK size, unless you read a review that says the band on that model definitely runs tight, or the cups small, or what have you. For me I found this method gave me a bra that was good enough to keep, even if not quite perfect, and is a much better fit than what their calculator suggested would’ve been (usually around a 32GG for me). I think a lot of my too-small-cups issues with this bra were because since the process was long, my boobs grew about a half inch from ordering to receiving, and also plunges are notorious for running small (across pretty much all brands).

So there you have it! Hopefully I’ll get another post up this weekend, since I’m on fall break and finally have access to internet at my parents house (yes, my apartment still does not have internet even though we were supposed to get it in SEPTEMBER).

5 thoughts on “My First Ewa Michalak!

  1. Based on how that fits, I’d say you might want to order up another 2 cup sizes for the Plunge styles, if you order one again! The plunge styles seem to run consistently a cup size small in the cup. My general Ewa guide (this varies depending on individual style of course, check Bratabase): PL-> order one cup size up from Freya size (30G > 65GG). HP: order true to Freya size: 30G > 65G. CHP (I tried the bright yellow one called chicken in Polish): runs large, order one cup size down from Freya size 30G > 65FF. I had to sell the CHP because it was huge on me: maybe even two cup sizes bigger than I expected, and I’d never gain that much size.
    My boobs have gotten bigger since I ordered though, so the HP used to be a little big (I ordered it a cup size up, and at first it was too big, now it’s a little too small).

    My breasts are close set, but soft and on the semi-bottom heavy side.

    • I don’t have any more Ewa plunges on the way yet, but I was kind of struggling in between whether I should order a 28JJ or 28K next time… I know it’s dumb to get hung up on numbers but I just feel like a 28K still sounds huge to me, I can’t imagine buying one! But I should probably just get over that, because you’re right, it probably would fit the best 😛

      What I’ve asked for for Christmas is a CH Karmelki, an HP Koktajl, and a CHP Mak. My parents haven’t ordered any of them yet, but I’m probably going to get all of them in a 28JJ! I haven’t heard anything about them running particularly large or small (have you?) so hopefully things will work out. I figure I’d rather order slightly on the large side since at that point I’ll have 2 sets of push up pads that I can use to fill them out if I need to!

      Also my breasts are kind of uniformly heavy- not really top heavy, but definitely not bottom heavy either- and as a result I don’t usually have to size down in things that are open on top. Don’t know if this will affect how the EM half cups will fit me or not, but it’s something I kept in mind while trying to choose my sizes.

      • Yeah, that’s a good point– I think if I were more full on top/ less soft, the CHP might have looked better (but it still would have been FAR too large. And the straps on that one were way too long and not fully adjustable, so I couldn’t compensate). I used to think my breasts were bottom heavy, but they aren’t really super bottom heavy… not really top heavy either. More bottom heavy than top heavy, though, I think. If your breasts still seem to be getting larger, it’s not a bad idea to order the same size in all of them; even if you get bigger, probably the CHP will still fit. If I’m remembering right, the CH and HP seem to run true to size (bands are variable, though– some materials are much more stretchy than others).

        I actually do think the 28K will probably suit you better in the PL style, even though it feels “really big” for you to say. :p I’m really trying not to get caught up in the numbers anymore, it’s counter productive. After I lost weight, I desperately wanted to believe that my breasts had gotten smaller (they didn’t. At all), so I was cramming them into 30F cups (even more in denial before, I was wearing 32DD *smh*) and pretending it fit for a while. In the Curvy Kate padded styles, I think I need 28HH. Realistically, I’m more of a 28H/ 30GG even in Freya now.

        But who cares? What matters is if it fits. As long as it fits, I’ll be more comfortable and I’ll feel and look better, and no one needs to know the number on the tag but me (unless I choose to share it).

        Those are all really cute styles! I keep stalking Ewa’s new bras and loading up my cart, and then dropping the credit card and stepping away because I don’t need any more new bras, especially at full price (*kicks newly ordered Freya sport bra (super cheap!) from ebay under desk*).

      • Oh no, the straps aren’t fully adjustable?! I’ll have to make sure to double check that all the ones I want are because I’m short AND have pretty high set boobs and partially adjustable straps just DO NOT CUT IT!

        I also try to ignore the letters and just go by what fits… but I feel like I’m fooling myself in ordering a 28K! Haha probably comes with when I first got sized and my mom and sisters would tell me that that wasn’t my real size and that I was just trying to make myself feel like my boobs were that big… So now whenever I have to go up a cup size it feels like I’m fooling myself 😛

        I do the same thing too. Except I’m even worse on eBay where I can pretend bras are in my budget!! I constantly almost bid on something. But I’ve gotten better at talking myself out of it since realizing that I just will NOT wear unpadded bras, regardless of how pretty they are. And that’s pretty much all they have on eBay and Brastop!

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