Blue (Lingerie) Christmas

I don’t know if y’all have noticed this… but one of the major trends this season is definitely a royal blue/black combination! Blue is one of my favorite colors, and when paired with black on a piece of lingerie… ooh, it just makes me shiver with excitement! It’s just as sexy as red and black, in my opinion, but offers a new level of sophistication and fashion since it’s not expected. So, without further ado, here are some of my favorite pieces that play on this trend:

1. Blue Magic Bra – Comexim

Photo courtesty of

Photo courtesty of

I LOVE THIS BRA. I still haven’t tried anything from Comexim, but they are on my “to-do” list. Unfortunately, this is the only set from my Christmas post that I’m not going to receive. But, beggars can’t be choosers. All I can do is hope that it’s still available come March 30 (my birthday!). My favorite part of this set is… all of it. I love the paisley-type pattern, I love the big bow in the center (though I do worry it would get smushed by my boobs), and I love the style of the matching thong – the thick sides look so flattering! I also love that the straps don’t look too “heavy duty” – a feature that I’ve come to accept about full-bust bras, but that I’m still not that crazy about.

2. CHP Noc – Ewa Michalak

CHP noc

Picture courtesy of

This one is a pretty simple take on the trend – it’s mostly black – but that’s part of why I love it! It does it’s play on the trend while still being wearable as a basic. My favorite part of this set are definitely the cute matching bottoms – the thong pictured above has that great floral embroidery with hints of blue, and the briefs are just as cute, with a little blue bow on the back.

Picture courtesy of

Picture courtesy of

Picture courtesy of

Picture courtesy of



3. Tempt Me in Midnight – Curvy Kate

tempt me midnight

Picture courtesy of

This set actually makes my heart hurt a little, because as you may know, my boobs did not get along well with the Tempt Me in Scarlet 😦 But it is beautiful none-the-less, and if the Tempt Me is a good fit for you, please buy this set so that I can live vicariously through your enjoyment of it.

4. Sapphire Garter Belt – Arabel Lingerie

I’ve actually never bought lingerie from an Etsy designer, usually because even though I love it, it’s outside of my budget! But this garter belt and panty set is decently affordable at £26.00, and would make a great match for whatever black bra is in your wardrobe (mine is a waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too small Freya Deco – 30G). I especially like the cheeky sheer back!

As you can see, this color combination is popping up everywhere! I wanted to include this gorgeous set I saw in Victoria’s Secret the other day on this list, but I couldn’t find it online! I usually am not very inspired by Victoria’s Secret’s designs (not that I can wear them, anyway) but I do have to admit that I recently popped in there for some new panties and was pretty impressed by what I saw… I remembered VS as mostly molded, solid color, microfiber push-up bras, but this time I actually saw cut-and-sew bras, waist cinchers, and multiple garter belts! Maybe it’s just because it’s the holiday season and they know significant others will be in, buying sexy things for their partners, but their stock was much sexier than the last time I’d been!

What do you think of the royal blue/black color scheme? Do you have a favorite trend from this autumn/winter?

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