Review: Panache Sport

I’m not the most athletic person around, but I signed up for a yoga class this past semester, and as a result at the end of the summer needed to seek out a sports bra. I am one of the few lucky women in the US who live near a decent bra boutique, and I knew a sports bra would be a difficult purchase for my size range, so I went over to Breakout Bras to see if they could help me!

As always they were very nice and extremely helpful and brought me all the options to try on, including the soft cup Freya Active, Royce Impact Free, Enell Sports bra, and the Panache Sport. In the end basically all of them were awful on me except the Enell and the Panache Sport, and the Panache Sport was a LOT more attractive, as the Enell is a compression bra that smushed my boobs down and made me look like I was boob from collarbone to belly button.

The overall fit of the Panache Sport is a little iffy on me. As you guys  know, I usually take a 28J, or sometimes a 28HH, but the Panache Sport range is only from B to H cups. The fitter first brought out a 28H, but unfortunately the cup was too small and I quadboobed quite a bit over the top. The 28 band was a perfect fit.

Next, she brought me a 30H. The band fit well on the tightest hooks, and when I decided to buy it they gave me the card of a decent tailor to get the band taken in (although I haven’t gotten around to it yet!). The cups are the right size, but since the band is too big, sometimes my breasts will “settle” and slip out the sides of the wires into my armpits, making the cups feel too large.

My other main problem with this bra is the straps are way too long for me. They are only partially adjustable, and I’m only 5’3″, so it’s not a huge surprise that this was an issue, but it’s still annoying. Luckily, this bra includes hooks to switch the straps to racerback, which makes the straps just barely short enough for me.

Unhooked straps, way too long.

Hooked straps, much better!!

My favorite thing about this bra is how flattering it is! The shape is really almost perfect, maybe slightly more “east-west” than my ideal shape, but it is very round and I sometimes wear it under clothes, even if I’m not headed to the gym.

This bra would be a perfect sports bra if I got the straps shortened and the band taken in, but even in it’s not-as-supportive-as-possible state, it does a perfectly fine job of supporting me during yoga and light aerobic exercise such as jogging. Unfortunately for me, however, the band definitely runs true to size and is too large for me. I think the cups also run a little bit generous. Not a full cup size, but if you’re between sizes, the smaller one might be the better bet.


13 thoughts on “Review: Panache Sport

  1. I’ve heard a lot of really great reviews for the Panache Sport, I think the next time I can afford a new sport bra (I really need another), it’s got to be my choice! Thanks for the great review and pictures… it’s a shame they don’t carry a wider size range, but hopefully they’ll change that in the future!

      • Hi iam maria i have the same problem with you ,i have the 30H and i use to put it in third hook,now after a long time i have a litle space in the cups,so i decide to buy 28H ,[i try the 28h and 30GG in the past ]but the 28H it was very very tight,i will give it a try again,my underbust is 29 and fullbust 39

    • I tried on the 28H when I was being fitted into this bra and there was significant double-boob which led me to get the 30H. But I think that now, having owned the bra for a while, it would’ve been better to have slightly too small cups than a slightly too large band.

    • I tried on the 28H when I was being fitted into this bra and there was significant double-boob which led me to get the 30H. But I think that now, having owned the bra for a while, it would’ve been better to have slightly too small cups than a slightly too large band.

      • have you got any pictures?from 28H maybe when its strech out the bra fits,i see the models and in some sites they dont covered all the breasts tisue .if you want take pics and check it ,i have in my drawer 30GG and 30H both now i must get it in third hook.the 30H in yours has any balky or wrinklings in the cups?in me it has but when i pull over the back its ok

      • No, I don’t have any pictures. It isn’t that it wasn’t covering all my breast tissue, it was that my breast tissue was actively falling out over the cup 😦 which is something of a feat considering how high cut the bra is!

        In the 30H I can get wrinkling, but it’s because the straps are too long. When I racerback the straps so that they won’t fall off the cups are finally in the right position and there’s no wrinkling anymore.

  2. have you think to go to the tailor,i did this but iam not happy,and i throw the bras away,i like this bra but i believe all the problems are from the back,now iam waiting again to arrive the 28H and i keep them i believe that if it strech out ,the bra will fit,but if the 30H strech out more then i must throw it ,idont know i confuse,

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