Christmas Shopping In Poland

Now that Thanksgiving is ending in just 1.5 hours, it’s time to start making my Christmas List! I’m not sure if you can tell from the bras I’ve reviewed on the blog so far… but almost every single one of them is a bad fit. I outgrow my bras constantly, so I have a constant case of the double boob. I’ve also realized through my bra journey that no matter how pretty an unpadded bra is, and no matter how well it fits… it simply is not going to get worn. Basically anything that does not give me a decent amount of cleavage is just not going to see the light of day, and this makes shopping a little bit more difficult, since almost everything available in a J cup is a sheer, 3 piece cup. The padded offerings from the UK in a J cup almost all run small (I haven’t tried the Daily Boost or the Smoothie yet, though!), and I really need a true-to-size J cup!

As a result, I have realized that I am going to be doing almost all my bra shopping exclusively in Poland for now, and have amassed a rather large Ewa Michalak wish list. I narrowed it down to make this post more reasonable (and because there is no way my parents can afford to buy me 5 or 6 sets for Christmas :P):

1. CH Karmelki and Figi Karmelki

All images courtesy of Ewa Michalak πŸ™‚

There are quite a few reasons this bra has made it onto my wishlist. For one, I don’t own any “basic” bras aside from the PL Lilia, and what kind of girl doesn’t own a single beige bra? I also don’t own any boring bras though, and this bra accomplishes beige without being boring. The subtle latice embroidery is really gorgeous, and I love the lace and button details. I also want this bra because I feel like I’ve read before that Ewa Michalak is phasing out all the CH and HP bras in favor of the newer CHP style, so I want to try it out before it possibly disappears forever.

2. HP Koktajl and Stringi Koktajl

Like I said earlier, I don’t really believe in boring bras… and this one is definitely not boring! I don’t have any teal in my lingerie wardrobe right now, but I’d like to add some because it’s a color that basically always looks good on me. It’s incredibly flattering when I’m much more tan in the summer, but isn’t something that’ll wash me out when I’m pale in the winter. Basically I just want this because it’s super beautiful πŸ™‚

3. CHP Mak and Figi Mak

The last thing on my list from Ewa Michalak is the CHP Mak. Red is my absolute favorite lingerie color on me. Nothing in the world makes me feel sexier than some good, red lingerie! This bra is a little basic, but I felt like if I got the CHP MiladyΒ instead that I would have too much black lace in my underwear drawer! Plus, I absolutely love the back of these matching panties.

There are also quite a few things I have on my list from Comexim, another Polish brand that I haven’t tried out at all yet. The one I have my eye on the most is the Blue Magic plunge bra and the matching panties.

The royal blue/black mix is really on trend for autumn, and it’s a look that I personally love. I think it offers a great alternative to the predictable red/black, but is equally sexy.

My only problem with Comexim is that in a lot of their bras I think I’m sized out. Looking at their size chart, my measurements put me just outside of a 60N. Really my measurement is a centimeter outside of the cup range for a 28 band, so I think that this is a brand where I would just suck it up and get a 65M, knowing that I would have to take the band in eventually. Their lingerie is simply too beautiful for me to not experience, and at the rate my boobs are still growing, I don’t want to put it off and then out grow it!

There are a bunch more things on my Christmas list, if I could just ask for anything I’ve ever wanted in the whole world, but with my parents budget in consideration these are the main things I’m requesting! What is on your list? Are you as obsessed with Polish lingerie right now as I am?

10 thoughts on “Christmas Shopping In Poland

  1. I’ve heard that the last bra on your list runs VERY tight in the band, to the extent that the 28 was recommended for people like me who measure 25-26″. So you might actually find the 65 to be a good fit for you! I have the CHP Mak and it’s really pretty. The lace on the bra band continues round the back onto the wings, so it’s actually got more detail than it appears. My only complaint is that the straps are a touch narrow, but it’s not uncomfortable. It runs a bit larger than the PLs – I have it in a 55GG whereas my PLs are 55Hs.

    • Ok perfect!! Really glad because otherwise the cups would be too small!

      Yeah I’m a little hesitant about ordering these non-PL Ewa Michalaks in the 28JJ, but my boobs grow all the time anyway, for me it would be more useful to have one that’s slightly too big than get one that fits not but won’t next month πŸ˜› Also I figured I already have some push up pads laying around that I could use to fill it out until I grew into it!

      Strangely I’m kind of excited for narrow straps! I wear a lot of tank tops and am always annoyed at how thick and ugly my bra straps look haha.

  2. Uh, yes yes and yes! I have a big Ewa Michalak order on the way currently… it might even arrive today. Fingers crossed! Their PL’s are the only padded bras I like wearing, and I’m giving a CHP a second try as well to see if I get along with it better in a different size. I too have a pretty long Ewa Michalak and Comexim wish list, perhaps Santa will be kind to me this year πŸ˜‰

      • I bought a 65F (30F) the first time and felt… pushed forward, but not lifted or secure enough. My order actually arrived about an hour ago (YAY) and I can say that the 28FF is MUCH better. I feel lifted and secure in it, and the cup is a great fit with zero doubling over even when I throw my shoulders all the way back. It’s a little bit bouncy though, not as sturdy as my PLs. And like Laura, I have my PLs in 28G’s and my CHP bra in a 28FF. And with UK bras I often need a 28F, sometimes FF. Hope this info helps you pick your sizes! πŸ™‚

      • Thank you!! I’m a little concerned about what size I should get now in the CH and CHP… I think I’ll still go with the JJ, because I can always use the push up pads that I’ll have from the PL Lilia and the CH Karmelki to fill it out if I need to, and like I said before, my boobs have this annoying habit of growing all the time.

        I want to try another PL, but since I don’t like the shape the PL Lilia gave me I’m kind of nervous that the bigger cup size still won’t fix it and that I’ll just have a second bra that I’m not crazy about :/

  3. I found out that my usual British size in padded bras works well for EM bras (just picked up day before yesterday from Post Office). The cups were on the generous side for most of them except the PLs, which seemed to be true to size. The bands are on the tight side, but I didn’t need to size up.

    • I wish I was able to know what my padded UK size was! All the padded bras available in a J cup seem to run small, and I needed a JJ in all of them (at the time, though my breasts have grown since then). In the PL Lilia the 28J was a definite cup too small, obviously worse with the pads in place. And, given that according to Bratabase, my breasts have grown 1.2 inches in perimeter in the past 6 months, buying the larger size seems prudent!

      • That’s one thing that I like a lot about Bratabase- I would’ve never realized how much my boobs have grown if I didn’t realize that their suggestions started being off and realize it’s time to remeasure! And since I have all my previous measurements I can see that they have, in fact grown, and that the bras did not magically shrink haha.

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