My Bra Confessions

Okay guys, y’all know there are certain bra rules that you’re supposed to follow… and as a major bra enthusiast, I should follow them. Buuuuut I don’t. And here is where I confess all my bra sins.

It’s another video blog, mostly because I’m in school and have exams coming up, and it is WAY faster to make a vlog than to write out a post, find pictures, edit the post, etc. Also I like hearing what my voice sounds like, because that’s not what it sounds like in my head at all šŸ˜›

19 thoughts on “My Bra Confessions

  1. LOL You have not washed it until NOW? That is hilarious.

    I really like your vlogs btw, if you like making them then keep them up! šŸ˜€ I’ve been toying with the idea of doing a vlog with my face blocked by drawings with various facial expressions or something. Still a little idea baby at this point.

    • I knew you guys were going to judge me… haha!! I really love making the vlogs, because 1. It’s cool to hear what my voice sounds like, 2. I feel like they’re more personal than written posts, and let my readers get to know me better (even if it’s the same content I would’ve just written), and 3. They take like 1/4 of the time to make, because I just make a brief outline to remember what points I want to hit and then talk instead of having to type it all out! I would definitely watch your vlogs, should they ever get made!

  2. I love the video posts! I’m guilty of so many of those! I never wash my bras cause I’m too lazy to hand wash and too scared to put them in a machine! I ALWAYS wear a deco whether it be too small in the cup (30GG) or too big in the band (32GG). I haven’t regularly worn any other bra in the past 6 months and I’ve probably bought about 20 bras in that time frame. So I’m broke from buying all these bras, yet I only wear the decos. I need a bra that fits me like your PL Mak does, I’m sort of scared that I’m damaging my boobs by wearing ill-fitting bras. But then I tell myself “At least you’re not wearing 38DD’s anymore!”. And it makes me feel a little bit better. The Ewa Michalak PL’s I have give me cleavage but they don’t make my boobs as round as the deco does. Although the PL’s I have are about 2 cups too small. I’ve only worn each of the PL’s like once in public. If the deco came in a 30H/HH I would buy so many! I’ve owned 7 in the past, but recently sold 2 of the 30GG’s.

    I’ve never double-bra-ed before. Do you think people notice that you’re wearing two bras? Haha! I kind of want to try it! Although whenever I have a ton of cleavage I tend to leave the house feeling confident and then try to cover up in front of certain people while I’m out.

    • Whenever I realize how often I’m wearing my 30G Deco I worry that I’m causing my tissue to migrate, but then I have the same thought you have – better this than 34DDDs or whatever it is I’d be wearing otherwise! I agree if the Deco got made in more sizes, it would probably be the only bra I wear! My PL Mak is awesome, but I could do with some more cleavage… haha. I’m already succumbing to my addiction again!

      I don’t think anyone notices when I double bra… It just looks like I’m wearing a really good push up bra. It kind of gives me the Christina Hendricks baby-head look (I read that on the internet one time, that her cleavage looks like two baby heads? Haha it doesn’t really make sense but it stuck with me). If I’m wearing a tank top I either don’t double bra, or tuck the straps of the inner bra in. Like I said, I’m addicted!! I know I’m friends with you on Facebook – in my second profile picture (in the long sleeved white shirt) I’m double bra-ing. I don’t think you can tell! (You know who I am on Facebook, right? I assume I’m your only friend named Robin haha)

    • Ooh, also I just found a picture of me double bra-ing it, this is the 28J Tease Me with the 30G Deco on top: It basically gives the implant look, or in a more v-neck as opposed to scoop neck, the Christina Hendricks baby heads look. Which is a look I like, even if it usually indicates a poorly fitted bra šŸ˜›

      • Ooh, I totally want to do that with my Thrill Me! I’m probably going to do that right now and see how it looks. . .
        Seems like a better use of time than my Chemistry homework.

    • Definitely do it! It kind of makes it like “extreme shelf” cleavage haha. With a hint of butt cleavage. And definitely better than chemistry homework! Just like talking to you about double bra-ing is a better use of my time than studying for my thermodynamics final that’s tomorrow or sleeping šŸ˜›

      • Haha,yeah! I tried my smallest 30GG Deco over my 28J Thrill Me and I could carry like a ton of stuff on my boobs! I mean, wearing just one deco I can carry my phone or rest a bowl of soup there, but I wouldn’t even need a purse with this combo! One time I was at work and I dropped a coin and it landed on the top of my boobs and a customer was like “That was impressive, mine would have dropped straight to the floor!” and everyone was cracking up. I keep meaning to share that story with bra obsessed people.

  3. Once I saw an instruction for girls who are like D-F about layering 3 bras, it also included socks and eyeshadows :-D. The result was almost like your 30G Deco on top of 28J Tease Me. So you are not the worst bra fit abuser in the world. šŸ˜€

    Really like your vlog posts! )

  4. Reading this in my 28F deco that’s at least 2 cups too small and has only been washed once since I bought it, I don’t feel like I can judge šŸ˜‰

  5. No judgement here, I wear two bras all the time–both are shot, too small, and have the wires pulled out of them….though I do wash them every couple of weeks (in the washing machine) because otherwise they’d stink…if they didn’t, I’d probably do it even less often. Of my “going out” bras I have a Tempt Me that’s like 4 sizes too small, but my boobs look effin’ fantastic in it (as long as I am careful with the scooping/swooping), and I have a Kris Line that I would love even more if the straps didn’t start out under my arms (you mentioned that in your video–I have SO MUCH trouble with that too!! Every bra I own does that to varying degrees!!)

  6. I don’t have a lot of the problems that you do, but I could definitely see myself acquiring them if I didn’t value comfort so ridiculously highly. I definitely used to have a problem with washing my bras. After I got my second generation of well fitting bras, I found out that fabric softener and heat would kill the elastic. I freaked out and cut down on washing a bunch because I wanted them to last forever. Also because I was too lazy to handwash regularly. …Mostly because I was lazy.
    But then I found this thing called Soak Wash for handwashing that changed my bra cleanliness life. You basically just put your bras in a sink with some water and a squirt of the wash and let them sit for like 20 minutes and then squeeze ’em out. You don’t even have to rinse them. And the wash worked awesomely on the set-in stains I had from infrequent washings. Now I wash my bras like once every two weeks (though I cycle through mine pretty well; that Deco’s a Freya, man! Those things are stretchy as heck!) and they smell great.

    I think you’re having the desired effect with these videos. I have effectively typed you an email instead of a comment, and have confessed some past sins to you. Darn you and your closeness to my age and size! Good luck cutting down on your bra sins.

    • I’ve heard of Soak before, but haven’t managed to remember it exists when I have money to spend on things like that! Right now I just use regular detergent for my delicates too šŸ˜® not exactly ideal! As far as cutting down on my bra sins goes, I haven’t double bra’d in a few days! So that’s good! But I have still been wearing my PL Mak every day… I wanted to wear an unpadded one today, actually, only to try all the ones I have on and find them too small because my period starts next week šŸ˜¦

      I’m glad the videos are going over well- I feel like it lets you guys (the readers) get to know me a bit more than if I just did written posts all the time! And hopefully someday I can make one that isn’t 50% sniffling (I have a cold right now!)

  7. I do a lot of these too. I’m currently buying a deco in a 28GG, even though I need a 28H/HH because it gives such good cleavaegy goodness. I’m with you on the cleavage front, a lot of people seem to want to play down their boobs, whereas I’m like FUCK YEAH BOOBS! I mean if I have to go through the difficulties of having boobs that are big and hard to find bras for, I at least want some credit for it šŸ˜€

    I don’t wash my bras either, well I do but only occasionally. :/ I love your vlogs, definitely keep making them šŸ˜€

  8. I’ve never washed several of my bras… so I would have no room to judge either! I freak out about warping wires or creating puckers in the material or stretching out the band… or, well, a whole host of things :-). I’ve always had an issue achieving cleavage-y looks (even though I’m usually a 28H or thereabouts and they’re plenty noticeable under clothes- placement on chest and breast shape, I guess?)… so I am definitely going to have to try the double-bra thing!

  9. I was laughing all throughout your video. I wear bras with too small cups and too big bands because I really don’t have much of a choice. My theoretical bra size is 24GG, but the smallest bra that I can find is a 32C. But I also love the cleavage that the too small cups give me! I am also guilty of not washing my bras as often as I should.

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