Busy busy busy



Sorry it’s been a while since I updated- I’m taking a summer class, and working a 3rd shift job, so I haven’t had a lot of free time lately, but hopefully I’ll be posting regularly soon!


Until then, I just wanted a place to vent my excitement! In the past 3 days I’ve received FIVE new bras! That’s right, FIVE! So, once I start posting again, we can add these bras to the list of reviews that are on the way:

1. Panache Tango II Balconette (28J)

2. Curvy Kate Thrill Me (28HH)

3. Curvy Kate Tease Me (28J)

4.  Curvy Kate Tempt Me (28J)

5. Kris Line Jasmine (30H)


Surprisingly, even though there’s 3 different sizes here, they all fit well enough for me to keep and review. They aren’t all perfect, mind you, but they are all better than the 30GG’s I had before!

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