Review: Curvy Kate Princess, Part II

So once upon a time, when I very first started this blog, I reviewed the Curvy Kate Princess in white in a 30H. Obviously, that is not my size anymore (and it wasn’t REALLY my size at the time, I needed a 28HH), but I remembered liking the Princess for it’s more subdued shape and pretty dots and embroidery, so I ordered one in pink and white from Brastop, and got the matching thong from a seller on ebay.

Here’s the set:


The thong is too high rise for me, and I feel like it really minimizes the size of my hips, so I scooched it down and this is how I actually wear it (but I wanted to show the actual rise for the sake of the review):


The bra here is a 28JJ, and the thong is a size 12. I probably could’ve gone for the 14 in terms of hip width, but since it’s already more coverage than I like, I’m not sure that I would’ve really liked the 14 more.

As far as the bra goes, the band is a lot firmer than the 30H was, and seems to be on par with my PL Mak when it was new, making it a very firm 28. Honestly, I would even consider bumping up to a 30J if I didn’t remember how quickly I moved through the hooks on my previous Princess, because since this bra has such wide wires, a larger band would probably allow the cups to fit better. But, doing so would severely limit the life expectancy of the bra, and I’m not really willing to do that (also exchanges are a hassle).

The cups are a decent fit, though I get empty space in the bottoms of the cups. I don’t think this is a size issue, because I fill the rest of the cup out well, and the straps aren’t fastened too tightly, so I’m not just disguising a too large cup by tightening the straps. Even if I try to pull the bra up to fill out that space, my boobs just won’t go into it, so it’s definitely a shape issue. It might be because the wires are too wide for me. I kind of like having a bra with wider wires though, because I still have some tissue that could be a bit more forward, that tends to fall out of my Ewa Michalak bras so it hasn’t gotten a chance to migrate (I think because EM’s straps are so wide set). The cups cover a lot more boob than I normally like to have covered, but since I bought this specifically for more modest days (and because it was pretty!) I don’t really mind. I think it would probably cover less space on someone whose boobs were not as high set on their chest as mine are.

The straps and sides of the cups are definitely too wide, and cut into my armpits, but not uncomfortably so, and since I’m rather petite, this isn’t a new problem for me. The straps are also only half adjustable technically, but I’m stubborn and need very short straps so I tightened over the embroidery, which isn’t very hard to do.




Overall, I like this bra as much as I remember, and it will be nice to finally have an unpadded bra that fits back in my bra drawer.

Review: Curvy Kate Princess

I’d read in other reviews that the fit in the Princess was hard to get, so I ordered up from what I considered my size to a 30H, and I’m so glad I did. This bra really is beautiful, and I plan on ordering it in my more correct size soon, but until then this one will do.


The bra features velvet polka dots that are just SO soft and smooth and add a great texture to the bra, although it does make it difficult to wear under thinner knits, as they bump up underneath. I wear it anyway, and find that the bumps also conceal any nipple appearances that may occur in the freezer aisle of the grocery store.

It has a very pretty lace top with a ribbon run through it. The ribbon is a little tight, and cuts into my breast in the 30H, so when I order again I plan on ordering a 28J or 28JJ, as I also fasten the band on the tightest hook.


(You can’t see the cutting in so much but I promise it’s there! šŸ™‚ )

This is my favorite of the shapes that the non padded Curvy Kates have given me so far. I also own the Emily in a 28HH and this shape is just FAR superior. The shape is soft and rounded but still natural looking. It isn’t my favorite shape overall (I prefer Cleo’s very round look) but it’s nice for days that I want to minimize a bit.


I have 2 negatives for this bra:

  1. The straps are not fully adjustable. I am a short person (around 5’3″), and usually need to adjust the straps pretty tightly to get good lift. The Princess has very pretty embroidery on the straps, but it limits their adjustability. I made do by just carefully pushing the embroidery through, but it did make some of it come a little loose and not look as nice.
  2. The second problem is purely because of the color I chose, but the velvet polka dots picked up the colors of all the shirts I’ve worn over it and it hasn’t come out even though I’ve washed it twice. I’m pretty sure this is a white problem, not a problem with the bra, but it’s something to be aware of if you’re thinking of purchasing.

I’m glad that I like the Princess because it comes in like a million beautiful colors. I’m especially into the red, hot pink, and indigo versions:




Overall the Princess is currently my second favorite seamed cup bra, and I give it my seal of approval!