Review: Alegro Summer Dream

I bought the Alegro Summer Dream in a 30GG for less than $10 on ebay. It was a great deal, and although now I know that 30GG is a bit off from my true bra size, at the time I expected it to fit me.


Unfortunately, pretty much everything about this bra was horrible for me. I’d never tried this brand before and there are very few reviews available, so I’m glad to be able to add this for other women who may be looking for one, since the bra is on ebay very often and is very inexpensive.

When I received the bra, I thought it looked huge. It really is just a lot of bra. It is shaped kind of like a balconette but fits like a full coverage. The color, however, is beautiful and I loved the white flower embroidery, as well as the frills on the straps and under the cups, although the frill straps does mean that they are not fully adjustable.

The looks were pretty much the only good thing about this bra though.


This bra just gives me the absolute worst shape I’ve ever seen in my whole life. It’s that east-west look, but incredibly angle-y and pointy, and far apart. The underwire goes up really high in between the breasts and didn’t sit flat against my chest, both because I have close set breasts and because the cups were too small.


I could put an eye out with these things!

Really it was just horrible. And the construction of this bra is really weird. Like I said, it isn’t really a balconette, but also not really a full coverage. The seaming on the bra must be what gives it that weird pointy shape. In most balconettes the outside section of the cup that attaches to the straps is also the widest section, and then the inner section is smaller. On this one, almost the whole bra is the inner section, and the outside section that connects to the strap is only about 3 inches long at the largest point. For comparison, my Cleo Lucy’s outside section is about 6 inches long. I think this is what makes my breasts stick so far out.


The one other positive that I can say about this bra is that the band fit very well, although I guess that means that it runs tightly on TRUE 30’s, since I usually wear a 28 now. It fits very similarly to the 28 Curvy  Kate Emily, so I’d say most people will want to size up in the band on this one.

I hate not having anything positive to say, but honestly the only place I’d wear this bra is to a 1950’s costume party where I wanted that really pointy bullet bra look.

At least it’s pretty?