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Hey guys! Just a quick post to let y’all know that I started a tumblr today! I’d love to get some followers, and I’ll probably be posting there fairly often (I know how addicting tumblr can get!). Hope to see y’all there ūüėÄ


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A little bit of a rant

So, I’m on spring break right now, and my ex-boyfriend (who I’m still good friends with) went to the beach with a couple of his friends. Today, he called me, and we were talking about his trip, and he tells me about one of the girls that was there.

“Robin, you won’t believe what she thought her bra size was… She was wearing a 36DD”

“What?! Well did you tell her?!”

And he had! He had told her that her bra size was almost definitely 100% wrong. I was so proud of him! Unfortunately, she didn’t believe him. He even told her about my bra journey, but it was apparently met with cries of, “I’m not thin enough to be in a smaller band…”, “I don’t think I could fit in anything bigger than a DD…”, “I don’t WANT to be more than a DD”, and the one that really really REALLY bothered me…¬†“Boys like the too-small look.”¬†



I have gotten a lot of excuses for why girls aren’t wearing a bra that fits, but this “guys-like-it-better” is the worst. Mostly because guys don’t even know better! They don’t necessarily like the too-small look. They like cleavage! And if anything, you’re going to get better cleavage in a well fitted plunge bra than in a poorly fitted bra because the band will actually be there to support your boobs and squeeze them in!

And even then, “Guys like the too-small look” is not a reason to wear a too small bra EVERY DAY. I would be totally lying if I said I didn’t still have a 34DD Victoria’s Secret padded bra lying around that I would occasionally wear for a few minutes as lingerie (or under a second bra, for the “insane porn star boobs” look that I discuss in my post Cleavage Concerns) but I would¬†never¬†wear that thing every day! It’s so uncomfortable and unsupportive!

The other thing about this, is the “I can’t fit into a smaller band”. This is a bra fitting issue on par with the DDs-are-huge myth, if you ask me. Because 32 is the smallest sold in stores, people think 32 = very thin, 34 = thin/average, 36 = larger side of average, 38 = overweight… And this just isn’t true!

I haven’t met the girl this post is based on, but after the conversation with the ex, I did facebook stalk her. And though she appears slightly overweight in her photos, she is definitely NOT larger than a 32 band (unless she has a flared ribcage, which does¬†sometimes happen). Looking at this girl, I would guess 32FF. But because of the limited availability of sizes in the US, she can’t imagine that size even existing ūüė¶

I know you can’t save all the boobies in the world… but meeting skeptical women makes me so sad. And I am so tempted to facebook message her myself to push the issue, but I know that would just be obnoxious. Perhaps she didn’t believe that her bra size was wrong because it was a man who said it? Who knows. But I’m going to end this rant now, because I doubt y’all really care. I just was very annoyed and needed to type my feelings out!

Thanks for reading my rant guys! Have any fellow bravangelizers out there had to deal with skeptics? What do you say to convince women that maybe it is worth it to double check their bra size?

Venusian*Glow Ewa Michalak giveaway!

You guys may be getting sick of hearing me wax on about Ewa Michalak, but I think her bras are worth of all the praise that I’ve been giving them! Luckily, if you haven’t been able to try them out yet, Venusian*Glow is having a giveaway on her blog for one Ewa Michalak bra of the winner’s choice! So go and enter! (or don’t, and leave the chances for me to win higher ūüôā )

Cleavage Concerns

Dear readers,

Before you embark on the literary journey that is this post, I want to make sure you understand that some of these cleavage techniques are designed for when you are putting cleavage and sexiness above comfort. Some of these looks will feature double boob. Some of these techniques may make your bosoms feel squished. But if it is the look you like, the more power to you! That being said, I do not want any disparaging comments made about any of these types of cleavage! So say you’re a “soft hills” type of girl who thinks “butt cleavage” looks trashy and crass and painful. Good for you, but some women actually¬†like that look and want to know how to achieve it, so don’t leave any nasty comments!

Much love!


Everyone has their own opinion on cleavage. Some like the affectionately named “butt cleavage”, made popular by too-small-cups everywhere. Others like the “soft hills” look that one gets from a well fitted bra that doesn’t have very much umph. Some may prefer the “cakes on a plate” Marie Antoinette shelf-style cleavage. Still others prefer no cleavage at all.

With that in mind, this is not going to be an opinion piece. I think Fuller Figure Fuller Bust’s post on cleavage covered that well. Today, I want to share with you guys how I create the varying levels of cleavage that I’ve described above. As I believe I’ve mentioned before, I’m pretty active in a few large-busted online communities (which can be found on the Busty Resources page of this blog), often helping women find their correct size, and answering any questions they may have. A pretty popular question or concern is, “Where did my cleavage go???”

I will admit, this was my major concern when I was first fitted from a 34DD to a 30FF. My boyfriend at the time was very much a boob guy, and loved when I wore cleavage baring outfits. But my new, well fitted 30FF bras… well… they just didn’t provide much in the enhancement area. The problem only got worse as I moved through the bra alphabet. Push up bras begin to disappear around an E cup. Even just PADDED bras begin to be few and far between as one moves past a GG cup, and soon you realize that you may soon have no choice but to wear unpadded bras! For me, the complete lack of cleavage just didn’t fit in with my style. I was not okay with it, and I resolved to find a solution.

Some might argue that when you already have large breasts, why would you want them to look bigger? Well, it all comes down to personal preference. With that in mind, here is how I create each cleavage look!


No Cleavage

Times it’s appropriate: work, professional settings, family gatherings, any time.

Tools necessary:

  • Balconette bra with a high center gore
  • Hhigher cut scoop neck shirt

How to do it: This one is pretty simple. Most cloth bras provide very little cleavage. Combine this with a moderately high cut scoop neck, and you will be cleavage free! You could go with a crew neck, if you’d prefer, but I find that shirts cut too high also emphasize the bust. This plan would also work with a high cut v-neck.

What I wore underneath: Kris Line Jasmine, balconette bra with a high-ish center gore

What I wore underneath: Kris Line Jasmine, balconette bra with a high-ish center gore

Combined with a higher cut shirt, no cleavage in sight!

Combined with a higher cut shirt, no cleavage in sight!

“Soft Hills”

Times it’s appropriate: lunch date, casual outing, really any time other than a very professional or serious setting.

Tools necessary:

  • Lightly padded or molded bra (preferably a plunge, I would use the Freya Deco as my example for this)
  • Lower cut scoop or v-neck shirt

How to do it: This one is also pretty self explanatory. Simply put the bra on, and add a shirt that’s low enough to show a little bit off! Other people may find that the Deco and other padded bras provide too much cleavage, and that they get pushed into “butt cleavage” territory. I’ve never worn a soft cup plunge bra, but judging from how they look on other bloggers and models, I’m guessing that they would work well for the “soft hills” look.

Full disclosure: this bra is a lot too small for me so I had to loosen the straps a lot for this shot. This is how the cleavage looks in the correct cup size (at least for me).

Full disclosure: this bra is a lot too small for me so I had to loosen the straps a lot for this shot. This is how the cleavage looks in the correct cup size (at least for me).

This picture doesn't do the nice "soft hills" look I get in this bra justice, but I really wanted to get this post done! I'll update soon with a better picture of what this looks like in an outfit :)

This picture doesn’t do the nice “soft hills” look I get in this bra justice, but I really wanted to get this post done! I’ll update soon with a better picture of what this looks like in an outfit ūüôā

“Cakes On A Plate”

Times it’s appropriate: date night or a single girls night out, daily in casual situations when you’re open to a little extra boob attention!

Tools necessary:

  • A (preferably padded) half cup bra, such as the Tease Me, Thrill Me, Rhea, or any Ewa Michalak half cup.
  • A low cut, broad neckline

How to do it: The key to this look is definitely in the construction of the bra. The general construction of half cup bras involves three vertical seams which help lift the bust up and out, but they also include a high center gore, which keeps the breasts separate. Something that I find helps increase the shelf look of this cleavage is to pair it with a tank top with a built in shelf bra. Since for the bustier lady, those shelf bras are always too small, the tighter section of the shirt helps push the boobs up more, creating even more of a shelf. This look obviously works best with a low, broad neckline. A v-neck with this look will not showcase the extent of your shelf, and may accidentally show off the center gore of your bra! This is a great look that has little to no chance of double boob.

This is the only picture I have for this look because the light in the clothed picture totally flashes out the nice rounded cakes look! But you can see here what I mean!

This is the only picture I have for this look because the light in the clothed picture totally flashes out the nice rounded cakes look! But you can see here what I mean!

“Butt Cleavage”

Times it’s appropriate: date night or a single girls night out, the bedroom, any time a little extra boob attention won’t get you in trouble.

Tools necessary:

  • A padded or molded plunge bra
  • Low cut shirt
  • Something to provide a little extra padding, if desired or necessary
  • Optional: a clip or safety pin, to convert normal straps to racerback

How to do it: There are a few different options for this one, depending on how much cleavage you’re looking for. The simplest is to put on your plunge bra and add the extra padding. Extra padding could be official push up pads (like those available from Ewa Michalak) or even just a folded up sock. The following steps can lead to slight discomfort, but if cleavage is your MO and you’re willing to sacrifice comfort to achieve some mind blowing “butt cleavage”, these steps will help you achieve it. The first slightly uncomfortable option is to tighten up your straps. That one is fairly obvious. A more effective version of this, however, is using a bra strap clip or safety pin to pin your straps into a racerback shape, preferably without lengthening the straps. The closer to your neck you clip your straps, the more cleavage you’ll have! Double boob is pretty likely with this look, especially if you tighten or racerback your straps. I remedy this by wearing a shirt that is cut in line with the bra to an extent, which masks the boob overflow.

This is the PL Lilia, which is, at it's best, a little small for me. Add in the push up pads and tighten the straps a little more, and it's the ultimate butt cleavage bra.

This is the PL Lilia, which is, at it’s best, a little small for me. Add in the push up pads and tighten the straps a little more, and it’s the ultimate butt cleavage bra.

In an outfit, cleavage that will definitely get someone's attention! Mainly only appropriate for sexy events when combined with a shirt this low cut.

In an outfit, cleavage that will definitely get someone’s attention! Mainly only appropriate for sexy events when combined with a shirt this low cut.


Not for the faint of heart!

Times it’s appropriate: honestly, almost never, but that doesn’t stop me. I use this level of cleavage almost every time I go out clubbing with my friends, or on date nights. But this really is a completely outrageous amount of cleavage, and do NOT follow these steps if you are not prepared for EVERYONE (including straight women) to be staring at your chest all night and whispering, “Did you see that girl’s boobs?!” as you walk by.

Tools necessary:

  • Two plunge bras, at least one of them padded
  • Something to provide some extra padding
  • Racerback clip/safety pin (optional)
  • Bronzer (optional)
  • Very low cut shirt

How to do it: Repeat everything from the butt cleavage section, but with TWO bras on. Wearing two bras will give you the most insane cleavage that you have ever seen in your entire life. If you want the rounded top look that is most common with enhanced breasts, try moving the padding from the bottom of the bra to more the side of the bra. This will push your upper pole fullness more towards each other, and will create that rounded look. This look can be emphasized with the bronzer by brushing some along the top curves of your breasts, dipping down the cleavage slightly in the middle. This contouring creates the illusion of cleavage even on a flatter chested woman (it was used on Keira Knightley in Pirates of the Carribean!). This look will inevitably create double boob, so use it with caution. Remedy the double boob as described above, by wearing a shirt that works with your look instead of against it.

This is the PL Lilia (including the push up pads) underneath the Deco, whose straps I tightened back to a comfortable level.

This is the PL Lilia (including the push up pads) underneath the Deco, whose straps I tightened back to a comfortable level.

Insane levels of cleavage! If I were to wear this out, I would not expect anyone (male or female, regardless of sexual orientation!) to be able to look me in the eye

Insane levels of cleavage! If I were to wear this out, I would not expect anyone (male or female, regardless of sexual orientation!) to be able to look me in the eye

As you can imagine, and as I mentioned before, some of these techniques definitely result in some boob falling out over your bra. But take a look at how wearing a shirt whose cut works with your cleavage instead of against it can help remedy the double boob:



With the right shirt, double boob is still a little apparent, but you would never guess that my boobs actually look like the photo above underneath.

With the right shirt, double boob is still a little apparent, but you would never guess that my boobs actually look like the photo above underneath.

And there you have it! All of my cleavage secrets. As I mentioned before, the last two looks are really NOT good bra fitting etiquette, and perhaps I shouldn’t even share them on a blog that is at least partially dedicated to supporting proper fit. But my point of view is, if you know your proper size and are wearing it most often, then there isn’t any harm in occasionally sporting a bit of double boob for a few hours in the name of sexiness if that is your prerogative!

Review: Panache Sport

I’m not the most athletic person around, but I signed up for a yoga class this past semester, and as a result at the end of the summer needed to seek out a sports bra. I am one of the few lucky women in the US who live near a decent bra boutique, and I knew a sports bra would be a difficult purchase for my size range, so I went over to Breakout Bras¬†to see if they could help me!

As always they were very nice and extremely helpful and brought me all the options to try on, including the soft cup Freya Active, Royce Impact Free, Enell Sports bra, and the Panache Sport. In the end basically all of them were awful on me except the Enell and the Panache Sport, and the Panache Sport was a LOT more attractive, as the Enell is a compression bra that smushed my boobs down and made me look like I was boob from collarbone to belly button.

The overall fit of the Panache Sport is a little iffy on me. As you guys  know, I usually take a 28J, or sometimes a 28HH, but the Panache Sport range is only from B to H cups. The fitter first brought out a 28H, but unfortunately the cup was too small and I quadboobed quite a bit over the top. The 28 band was a perfect fit.

Next, she brought me a 30H. The band fit well on the tightest hooks, and when I decided to buy it they gave me the card of a decent tailor to get the band taken in (although I haven’t gotten around to it yet!). The cups are the right size, but since the band is too big, sometimes my breasts will “settle” and slip out the sides of the wires into my armpits, making the cups feel too large.

My other main problem with this bra is the straps are way too long for me. They are only partially adjustable, and I’m only 5’3″, so it’s not a huge surprise that this was an issue, but it’s still annoying. Luckily, this bra includes hooks to switch the straps to racerback, which makes the straps¬†just barely short enough for me.

Unhooked straps, way too long.

Hooked straps, much better!!

My favorite thing about this bra is how flattering it is! The shape is really almost perfect, maybe slightly more “east-west” than my ideal shape, but it is very round and I sometimes wear it under clothes, even if I’m not headed to the gym.

This bra would be a perfect sports bra if I got the straps shortened and the band taken in, but even in it’s not-as-supportive-as-possible state, it does a perfectly fine job of supporting me during yoga and light aerobic exercise such as jogging. Unfortunately for me, however, the band definitely runs true to size and is too large for me. I think the cups also run a little bit generous. Not a full cup size, but if you’re between sizes, the smaller one might be the better bet.


A Little More About Me

Well, this cute little survey is making the blog rounds, and I haven’t done one of these since MySpace went down the toilet! It was pretty fun, and now you’ll know a little more about me ūüôā

1. What time did you get up this morning?¬†Around 10:30. I know it’s late, but hey! I’m on Thanksgiving Break! AND I’d spent 7:30 pm to 7:30 am in the library Monday night :/

2. How do you like your steak?¬†¬†Medium rare. I’d probably prefer rare, but I’m honestly a little afraid to order it haha.

3. What was the last film you saw at the cinema?¬†Amazing Spider-Man! But that was at the university cinema. I’m not sure what the last movie I saw in a real theater was. Maybe the Avengers?

4. What is your favorite TV show?¬†I have kind of a bunch. Avatar: The Last Airbender, Arrested Development, The Office, 30 Rock, Parks and Recreation, Spongebob Squarepants, Supernatural, Adventure Time… Mostly cartoons and sitcoms ūüôā

5. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?¬†Right now I live in South Carolina, which I love, but it can get awkward sometimes because I’m an atheist living in the Bible Belt. If I could live anywhere, it would be a place that has weather and friendliness and food exactly like the south east US, but with a touch more tolerance!

6. What did you have for breakfast? Nothing! Eating breakfast makes me feel a bit sick to my stomach. Also it was Thanksgiving today anyway, so eating breakfast would have ruined my appetite!

7. What is your favorite cuisine? I LOOOOOVE sushi, Indian food, middle eastern food (specifically falafel, shawarma, and gyros), and Thai food. Also lox!

8. What foods do you dislike?¬†I dislike chili and vodka sauce. I feel like there are other things I dislike, but I can’t really think of them right now. Mostly I just love food, it’s one of my favorite pastimes.

9. Favorite Place to Eat?¬†I worked at Chick-fil-A for around 3 years, and still crave it all the time, so that’s one of my favorites. I also really love one sushi restaurant in my hometown called Irashiai.

10. Favorite dressing? Italian

11.What kind of vehicle do you drive? I, embarrassingly, do not have my license, and therefore do not drive.

12. What are your favorite clothes? Lingerie, obviously. Aside from that, anything high waisted, tight, and low cut.

13. Where would you visit if you had the chance? New Zealand. I also have family who live in England (in London), and so I would go visit them again if I got the chance.

14. Where would you want to retire?¬†That’s a really long time from now, but someplace VERY warm. I despise cold weather.

15. Favorite time of day? Late late late late late late late night! Definite night owl here.

16. Where were you born? Greenville, South Carolina.

17. What is your favorite sport to watch?¬†None, honestly, but I’ll watch anything the Gamecocks are participating in ūüôā

19. How many siblings? One older sister, one younger sister

20. Favorite pastime/hobby? Crocheting, reading, cross stitch, cooking, eating, sleeping, blogging, browsing for lingerie, studying, watching TV, yoga, playing piano and guitar

21. Who are you most curious about their responses to this?¬†I’m jumping on the train a bit late, so most people whose responses I would’ve wanted to see have already filled it out, but any other bloggers!

22. Bird watcher?¬†Well, my name is Robin, so whenever I see a Robin I think, “Look! It’s a little dinosaur and we share the same name” but aside from that, no I don’t really watch birds.

23. Are you a morning person or a night person?¬†I’m generally just always in a good mood, but I prefer to stay up late and sleep late.

24. Do you have any pets? I only own one cat of my own (Neal Catsady), but my parents/big sister have 6 dogs (Tonks, Sirius, Roxie, Rebel, Pip, Squeak) and 7 cats (Jabbers, Gizmo, Emily Kittenson, Jay Catsby, Casper, Cupcake, Slim).

25. Any new and exciting news you‚Äôd like to share?¬† Hmmm… I’m almost done with my semester! Woot!

26. What did you want to be when you were little?¬†Well, from 4th to 8th grade I wanted to be a lawyer, and then from 8th grade to senior year of high school I wanted to be a doctor. And now I’m studying Chemical Engineering.

27. What is your best childhood memory?¬†This is weird, but I don’t really have one? All of my memories are either the same level of good, or bad, and the bad memories are very few and far between! My best memory MIGHT be my fifth birthday when my parents bought me Samantha (the American Girl Doll) along with a TON of her accessories (a bed, a dresser, a little wicker table set, a washing pitcher/bowl, a different set of clothes… it was a great birthday!)

28. Are you a cat or dog person?¬†CATS!!! But I love dogs too. They just require more love than I’m able to give haha. Ideally I would have both animals in my life.

29. Are you married?¬†Nope, I’m only 19!

30. Always wear your seat belt? Of course!

31. Been in a car accident? No, thank goodness

32. Any pet peeves?¬†Chewing noises, people who talk down to me (usually due to my gender, or very often my breast size¬†¬†ŗ≤†_ŗ≤†)

33. Favorite Pizza Toppings? Jalepenos, mushrooms, pepperoni

34. Favorite Flower?¬†Hmm… not really sure. Don’t really have a favorite I don’t think.

35. Favorite ice cream?¬†Ben and Jerry’s Mission to Marzipan… which got discontinued *weeps* Aside from that, probably moose tracks!

36. Favorite fast food restaurant? Chick-fil-A

37. How many times did you fail your driver‚Äôs test?¬†None… but I also haven’t taken it yet…

38. From whom did you get your last email? Brastop newsletter!

39. Which store would you choose to max out your credit card?¬†Right now I would have to say Ewa Michalak, because I kind of just want everything that is there right now, because I don’t have any bras that are the correct size. I also could spend a TON of money in a fancy grocery store like the Fresh Market or Whole Foods, or a bookstore, or a crafts store! (In case you can’t tell, I love shopping :P)

40. Do anything spontaneous lately? I went to an international students party last Thursday that was kind of decided last minute, and met some cute boys!

41. Like your job?¬†Currently ¬†my job is school, and it’s a love-hate relationship. I love learning, I hate tests and grades.

42. Broccoli? One of my favorite vegetables! Ate it last night!

43. What was your favorite vacation? Probably one of the many weekend trips I took with my (now ex)boyfriend, either to Atlanta or Charleston.

44. Last person you went out to dinner with? My parents, my little sister, and her boyfriend.

45. What are you listening to right now? Arrested Development, and a snoring Boxer.

46. What is your favorite color? GRAY SO MUCH GRAY GRAY EVERY DAY GRAY GRAY GRAY

47. How many tattoos do you have?¬†None, I’m not a huge fan of them. I couldn’t even commit to my nose ring for more than 2 weeks!

49. What time did you finish this quiz? 9:11 pm

50. Coffee Drinker? Occasionally! I like iced coffee, but ultimately probably prefer the taste of tea.

I’m On Facebook Too!

Hello! I realized the other day that I never mentioned you can also follow my blog on Facebook! I have a decent amount (well, in my mind anyway) of readers here on WordPress, but only ~20 “likes” on Facebook, so if you’re reading this you should go like my page! I always post my updates there, as well as share other lingerie links and random musings. Lately I probably post there a little more often than I do here because I can do it easily from my phone! Not to mention it’ll be easier for you guys to ask any questions that may seem “off topic” on any given post. I’d love to have more interaction with my readers, and Facebook seems like a good way to do it!

So here’s the link: Obsessed With Breasts

Go like! ūüôā

Busy busy busy



Sorry it’s been a while since I updated- I’m taking a summer class, and working a 3rd shift job, so I haven’t had a lot of free time lately, but hopefully I’ll be posting regularly soon!


Until then, I just wanted a place to vent my excitement! In the past 3 days I’ve received FIVE new bras! That’s right, FIVE! So, once I start posting again, we can add these bras to the list of reviews that are on the way:

1. Panache Tango II Balconette (28J)

2. Curvy Kate Thrill Me (28HH)

3. Curvy Kate Tease Me (28J)

4.  Curvy Kate Tempt Me (28J)

5. Kris Line Jasmine (30H)


Surprisingly, even though there’s 3 different sizes here, they all fit well enough for me to keep and review. They aren’t all perfect, mind you, but they are all better than the 30GG’s I had before!

Hello World!

Hello world of blogging! My name is Robin, and after months of reading lingerie and fashion blogs I figured it was time to start my own. BUT! Before we get to all the lovely lovely undergarments, a little bit about me is in order.

I’m 19, a chemical engineering student, and in love with cats. If you are reading this blog, you probably know about how living in the US greatly limits your exposure to well fitted bras. I was lucky enough to be properly fitted 3 years ago, at the young age of 16 years, thereby limiting my exposure to the years of potential pain that wearing the wrong size bra can ¬†bring.

Even now, it’s embarrassing to think that I ever believed the 34DD I squeezed myself into fit well, but, you know, when ¬† your mother thinks she wears a 38A (I measured her at around a 34D/36C!) and therefore does not care about a well fitting bra at all, a girl must rely on the local Victoria’s Secret to care for her breasts.

Now that I know my true size (it’s fluctuating right now, but I believe it’s around 28HH), it is my mission to educate the women I come in contact with about the evils of the +4 method! Some people might not appreciate my enthusiasm (I’m looking at you, big sister!), but I personally am more than okay with being obsessed with (helping other women’s) breasts!