A Plea for Longline Bras

Today I’m wearing my super crazy awesome Mala dress from Urkye over a pair of black tights, because the weather has finally become fall (the high is only 77 degrees today!), with my PL Mak from Ewa Michalak underneath. As much as I’m loving this outfit, one thing has become very clear to me as I begin wearing tights regularly again… I need a longline bra.

Seriously, this tights-cutting-in-at-the-waist-and-bra-line-slightly-above thing is just not cutting it for me. I desperately am wishing I were wearing a longline bra right now, so that my little underboob fat pouch isn’t just chilling out there for everyone to see. I wouldn’t really mind usually, but the tights line is really emphasizing it, and I can’t help but fantasize about a longline bra in my size to solve my situation.

I do have shapewear with a higher rise to smooth it out, but let’s be honest… the spandex-all-the-way-up-to-your-neck look is not always the most attractive.

Also, how is it that large cupped girls are the last to get longlines? We clearly are the ones who would benefit most from the extra support of a wide band! As it is, we get a wider band and more hooks than smaller cups, but none of the cute fashion of a longline. What’s up with that?

I know there are a few longline bras for higher cup sizes on the horizon (I believe from Curvy Kate (maybe?), and upcoming brand Edwards & Millers), but seriously, Bra Gods, give me more longlines! And not just fashion ones, continuity ones as well! Because to me, the most appealing part of a longline is that sexy-but-secretly-shapewear thing.

So… get on it, guys.

5 thoughts on “A Plea for Longline Bras

  1. I also want longlines. I’m a bit smaller than many people, so there are some available, they just don’t work for me. I’ve tried Freya (wires are too soft) and recently I tried the Fauve Bronte but again, the gore didn’t tack despite the cups being the right size. I really need Panache or someone else with strong wires to come out with some, and to remember that the fabric under my breasts will bend and fold easily unless it is braced. I dearly loved the four hooks of the Parfait Charlotte, and the comfort of that band almost made me keep it despite the other fit issues I had. Maybe some people think more hooks make it look sturdy or industrial, but I think they look supportive and often attractive as well.

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