Clothing Review: Made In Preston Aztec Bralet

Basically as soon as Made In Preston started to release their promo photos, I got very excited for their lines. I love a lot of pieces from the other full bust brands (Urkye, BiuBiu, Pepperberry, etc.), but I’m only 20 years old and it often feels like those retailers are aimed at a slightly older customer, with longer skirts and button down shirts and solid colors. Everyone needs basics, and I love the clothes I have from there, but it made me sad to see the fashionable colors and prints and shapes that the girls who fit into straight sizes around me were wearing that I knew I could never fit into. Enter Made In Preston!

So, when By Baby’s Rules offered to give me the Aztec Bralet that didn’t work quite right on her, I jumped at the chance! And, spoiler alert, I love it! (Make sure to read her brand overview for Made In Preston as well!)


By Baby’s Rules received this in an 8 Fab, and I’m usually a size 10, so it’s not aĀ perfect fit, but there’s no way I’m giving it up! It’s just a little small around my stomach, so although I love crop tops, I won’t be showing my belly in this one. I found plenty of other ways to wear it!

Fit wise, this top would be perfect on someone who was a usual size 8 UK (so a size 4 US). The waist would fit best on someone who was 26″-27″, I’d guess, and I’m usually around 28″. The cups on this are pretty generous though! I’d say that right now I’m in the 30HH/J-28J/JJ range (as opposed to my previous 28JJ/K), and although this fits me well, I think someone who was a 28K could still wear this comfortably, assuming they were alright with showing off a little boob. The best part about the cups are the wires! I was so nervous that the wires would be in line width wise with other UK brands, which are far too wide for me, but they actually are quite narrow, and fit similarly to the wires on my Ewa Michalak PL Mak. This makes me have a LOT of hope for Made In Preston’s future lingerie line! Hopefully my boobs will keep shrinking so that I can fit into that line when it comes out, because it seems like they are going to have wires that fit me well! I think that if I were purchasing another bralet top for myself (which I will be if I get the funds), my ideal size would be a 10 Foxy, or maybe a 12 Foxy (since when things show my stomach I like to purchase them on the larger side).

The only issues I have with this top are issues that I have with almost every bra, due to being high set and close set. The gore is too wide for me, but it still tacks alright in the middle, and doesn’t cause any real issues. The straps are predictably slightly too long for me! In the pictures I have the triangular part that connects to the single strap pinned short, because although it really adds to the look of the top, it made the straps too long for me. Here’s what the straps look like on me when they’re not pinned:rsz_1fxcam_1377145005301

Even when they aren’t pinned, one half of the triangle sits mostly under my arm and isn’t visible from the front, though I’m not sure why. Since this wasn’t something I bought for myself (and therefore not the perfect size), I’m going to assume that this is a product of a slightly too small top.

This top makes a great going out top, but it also could be dressed down. I’ll be wearing it in the fall and winter with stretchy black pants and a sweater, like this, for a dressed down look:



While brainstorming outfit ideas for this top, I began to wonder if the longline band meant that it would be supportive enough to wear strapless…


Success!! By tucking the straps in and padding out the cups a little bit with my Ewa Michalak push up pads, I can wear this as a strapless top! I never would’ve imagined that I could wear something like this, but it actually does a great job keeping my boobs up and where they should be, even without the straps. This just goes to show that the rest of the full bust retailers (both lingerie and clothing) are really missing out by not making longline bras and tops in the larger sizes! We really benefit from that extra support, and it makes things like this possible!

This item was vaguely gifted to me (since it was gifted to By Baby’s Rules, who then gifted it to me), but all these thoughts are my own! This top really has blown my mind, and when I get the money I will be seeking out the Africa Bralet as well, which I imagine would be the better choice for ladies who always struggle with too long straps, since it is a halter neck. And when I just went to the website to grab the link for that top, I saw that they have also added this super gorgeous Hot Pink Bralet! I’m seriously obsessed with these tops, and if they keep adding more then I am going to go broke from buying them.



9 thoughts on “Clothing Review: Made In Preston Aztec Bralet

  1. I’m 19 and have always wanted to wear this kind of style, but nothing fit my proportions. THANK YOU for this review, and for your whole. Finding things to suit both a full bust *and* younger taste is quite difficult. Keep it up!

  2. Wow, it really looks awesome on you! Made in Preston is a brand that I’ll look out for! šŸ™‚ Really refreshing to see this look on a curvier figure! Since the sizes in the “regular” market have too small cups for curvier figures I haven’t seen any curvy ladies wearing this look, because they simply didn’t exist! Really cool look šŸ™‚

  3. *Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee*
    I have never been more jealous in my life šŸ˜€ You look awesome, the top looks awesome ā¤
    I love it, I'll have it, stretch jersey and thin knit may rot in hell.
    (Okay, I take that back, I still need them -.-)

    • You probably could, a strapless one at least (or tuck the straps in on a different bra), and it would probably give you a double-bra-ed cleavage look like I showed in my post Cleavage Concerns (though not so butt chesty, because the gore on this top is fairly high). You probably wouldn’t need to wear a bra with this top though, because it’s underwired and the cups are shaped like a bra! I haven’t been wearing a bra with it and it works great!

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