Size Variance At Victoria’s Secret

Size Variance at Victoria’s Secret

My Bra Confessions

I know most of y’all have seen these videos before, but I’m changing things around on my YouTube channel to try to attract fewer creepers (seriously so many gross people there), so I’m making my videos unlisted. This means they can only be viewed with a link, which is why I’m being redundant by posting old videos here! So there’s nothing new here if you’ve watched these videos before 🙂

6 thoughts on “Size Variance At Victoria’s Secret

  1. I think you’ve shared the wrong links – these are your editing links, not the actual video links. These direct to the “My Videos” section of youtube.

    • I still haven’t, no 😦 I’ve had to become a lot more independent from my parents recently, because they just don’t have enough to support me anymore, which means I have EXTREMELY limited income right now (since I go to school I can only work 10-20 hours a week, which is barely enough for my bills). Once I save up to get a new bra though, I will definitely be posting there! I love getting different points of view on fit!

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