Sorry guys…

Hello everyone, I’m still alive!!

Just wanted to apologize about my lengthy absence – I recently got a job, was taking a summer class, AND my best friend moved across the country (so I was spending as much time with him as possible) and as a result, blogging fell to the wayside. 

On top of all that busy-ness, there’s the added issue of my ever changing bra size. My boobs seem to have shrunk some, and my band size seems to have grow (? all while losing weight? I don’t know, it’s confusing), so it’s been hard for me to talk candidly about bras and boobs and bra issues when I don’t even know what my issues are anymore!! (Extra apologies to the ladies at Balkonetka who I abandoned in the midst of receiving excellent advice for this reason!)

I do have a few posts on the horizon though, now that my friend has moved away and my class has ended. So hopefully you’ll be seeing new content up before this Friday!


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