For those curious about Comexim

So, since Ewa Michalak announced today that they would no longer be making below a 65 band (no idea if this is temporary or not, obviously I’m hoping temporary!), I’ve seen a lot of questions going around about Comexim, wondering if they could take Ewa’s place for custom band sizes.

I haven’t personally tried ordering anything custom from them, but I’ve read of them creating a higher center gore, lowering cup height (I might do that one next time I order from them!), and even making 26 bands. I haven’t seen the direct evidence for any of these customizations other than the higher gore, but to me it seems that it’s worth asking.

So, if you’re interested in Comexim, how do you determine what size to buy in them, and how do you order?

The way that I determined my size in Comexim was by taking my UK size, 28JJ, and realizing that a JJ cup is the 14th cup. Then I counted 14 cups down on Comexim’s chart, and (keeping my usual band size) came to the conclusion that I would need a 60N.

And then I ignored this conclusion and bought a 65L because I really wanted the Carmen and it didn’t come in a 60N. But after trying it, I know that 60N would definitely be my correct size in Comexim!

Ordering was pretty easy for me, though I have heard stories of other women who have a hard time getting their emails answered. I initially emailed them asking if they could ship to the US, because I wasn’t able to check out through the website due to my address. They said yes, but that I’d have to order through email, and then would pay through Paypal. I told them what I would like, and they sent a Paypal invoice. My only complaint with the ordering process is that after I paid, it took two weeks for my items just to leave the warehouse. I’m not sure why, or if this is the standard for them, but I had already received the Urkye order that I made on the same day before the Comexim order even shipped.

Comexim doesn’t have an English speaking customer service person, as far as I’m aware, so use simple language that Google translate will be able to work out for you! Keep things short and sweet for simplicity’s sake. However, even with the language barrier, I have never received any emails that came across as harsh or rude from them.

How does Comexim compare to Ewa Michalak?

I would say the bands fit similarly true to size, with the occasional variance that you find in all brands. The wires are about half an inch narrower than Ewa Michalak’s CH style, and a quarter inch narrower than my PL. That doesn’t sound like a lot, but it can really make a huge difference once the bra is on (as seen in my post about “Strapgate”). The straps are set much narrower than either Ewa Michalak bra, which I greatly appreciated when first trying them on.


Side by side comparison, showing difference in wire width and cup height under the arm.



Comparison of straps from the front.


The shape Comexim gives me is not quite as round as Ewa Michalak, but still very nice and I actually probably prefer it to the perfectly round look. The projection is similar to the PL from Ewa Michalak, but is definitely less than the CH (as illustrated in the picture below). When looking at the picture, remember that the PL is two whole cup sizes larger than my Comexim bra, and the CH is one cup size bigger, so that will definitely have in affect on the perceived projection. If the bras were in the same size, I would venture to say that Comexim might have more projection than the PL, but since they are not quite the same, it’s impossible to say for sure.


Sorry for the blurry picture – hastily taken by my phone camera!

As of right now, Comexim does offer fewer shape variations than Ewa Michalak, but for those in need of 26 bands, they might be the new only option. And with theoretical customizations such as increased center gore height and lowered cup height, hopefully everyone can find a Comexim that works for them. And who knows, in the future, as their business grows, we may see more than just padded plunges coming from Comexim as well. Until then, as long as their padded plunges look like this, I’m not complaining!

juliette mint-sorbet-biustonosz summer-time-biustonosz








All this being said, Comexim is not a “magic brand” just as Ewa Michalak is not a “magic brand”. No one brand will be able to fit everyone perfectly! But for those who are now sized out of Ewa Michalak, and are in need of narrow wires, Comexim is a definite option (also, their 60/28 bands are returnable 🙂 ).

5 thoughts on “For those curious about Comexim

  1. Just discovered your blog. Your candid approach and willingness to be open and free/brave is refreshing. I look forward to viewing your new posts. I acknowledge that you’re obsessed with breasts, but I wonder if you could include more thong pairings for the bras you like? I have been reluctant to transition past hiphuggers or cheekies myself. I admire your disposition.

  2. Alright so I have a comment…and a question. One, the Juliette bra is so beautiful in real life but the band does run tight on that because the fabric is thick and doesn’t have much give, unlike the Iris which is lace and super stretchy. So my question/request for help is… I have no idea what size to get for my next order there. I ordered 4 bras last time in 60K. All of the bra’s cups gave me some sideboob escapage and most were a bit too tight around the band. I used to be a 28H/30GG but now fit 30H better. Since the 60K was too small in both the band and cup, I don’t know if I should get a 65K or 65L. However, a wrench is thrown in because the wire width (which seemed too narrow) is apparently the same width as my best fitting bra. The only difference in the wires is my best-fitting bra wire is 0.7 inches longer. The customer service lady told me that she could make the wire longer for me if I would like so I just don’t know what to do.

  3. My cup size wouldn’t be anywhere near yours, but I’m curious about how tall the center gore is on the Comexim you’re wearing. Also, will they lower it on request? Or only raise it?

  4. Just wanted to share my experience with Comexim: it took me a month to get a reply to my email (I had questions around sizing) and make the order, but once the process has started they shipped the parcel really quickly and it took only 5 days to reach me (I’m in the UK). Their customer care assistant, Anna, is lovely but she speaks very little english unfortunately.
    As for sizing, I think the way you worked it out is the best: my Ewa size is 75H, I was advised by Anna to buy 75HH but I would definitely need a 75K.
    Their bras are GORGEOUS, and Comexim might become my new favourite brand… I’m lucky not to be sized out of Ewa Michalak, but the custom order process is annoying and the strap placement is also an issue for me too…

  5. Sadly I found out about Comexim right after I jumped in cup size. 😦 And I love so many of their bras!
    I may just go ahead and order one someday in the hopes that it’s workable.I will for sure order them if I lose a little weight as I’m not too far off the biggest size they make,which is a 36H or 90H.
    I wonder if I sent them underwires in my size if they would make a custom bra that way?
    I recently found out by trying the Andorra that higher gores and myself do not get along..AT ALL.So I’d love to have bras made with a lower center gore.

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