Hey guys! Just some quick updates, since I haven’t been around a ton lately.

I’m moving from my apartment to a house today, which means that I don’t know when I’ll have internet again to post 😦 Makes me wish I’d written that post I was considering starting last night, but alas, I had a migraine and did not. I’ll still be able to check my emails, facebook, and twitter though, because I still have my phone, but no new posts until the internet gets sorted out. I imagine it should only be a week or so though.

I do have some new reviews in the works! I got the Cleo Meg on eBay in a 30J, and the Cleo George (verrrryyyyy old model) in a 28J, so I have reviews for those coming up. I may also do a quick review of the button up dress (yes, button up!!!) that I found at TJ Maxx, though due to the nature of TJ Maxx I’d probably just have to link other things that might work in it’s place, since that specific dress won’t be able to be found everywhere. 

Aside from reviews, I have a few ideas for other posts, but nothing super concrete yet… Hopefully I’ll do another vlog soon, because I love those, but after a semi-creepy response to the two videos I made in bras I’m trying to keep them clothed, which makes video reviews for bras kind of impossible!

Anyway, that’s pretty much all the updates I have… Au revoir! I’ll be back soon!


My baby Neal, with both a foot and an arm behind his head


My little niece, just born May 24th! Lacey Nicole 🙂

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