Why I Can’t Stop Shopping at Victoria’s Secret

Alright, there are a ton of VS posts going around the internet on all sorts of blogs right now, mostly because of the false rumor that they’re coming out with a line for middle school girls. The “line” in question, “Bright Young Things”, was actually just a marketing campaign for a spring break line from PINK, which focuses on a college aged demographic. The “line” is causing people everywhere to question what age is okay to start shopping at VS, since they’re obviously a very “sexified” company.

But this post is not about that, at all, even a little bit. This post is just about how even though Victoria’s Secret doesn’t carry my bra size and has awful fitting techniques, I still shop there. And there’s pretty much only one reason why.

My name is Robin, and I am addicted to Victoria’s Secret cheekies.

Seriously. Sometimes they’re called other things (“sexy little things”, tanga, cheeky… alot of the tags on these were different, but they’re all cut the same).


Probably less than half of my collection…

These panties, you guys… I buy a new pair almost every time I have disposable income. And I haven’t had to get rid of a single pair yet. I seriously have cheekies that I’ve been wearing regularly for multiple years. That’s one of the main reasons I keep buying them! There is underwear from Victoria’s Secret that isn’t great quality. I know some of the pairs made out of lace that I’ve had from there have gotten holes in them pretty quickly, but these have held up against the test of time! They come in all the colors under the sun, and there are new ones constantly coming out. They are generally made from a Lycra/spandex mix, which is stretchy enough for me to get a comfortable fit from them, but still feels really silky too, and they  have a lace waistband and leg holes.

“But Robin,” you may say, “tons of other stores sell cheekies too. You could buy them from elsewhere.” And that is true. But I really have found that for the quality, Victoria’s Secret is the best price. I’ve bought cheekies from Target fairly often, but they get holes within a few months, which is why I don’t have any to show you! I could buy them from a department store, but they can get pricey for the same quality. And if my main beefs with Victoria’s Secret are their narrow size range, poor fitting techniques, and homogenous models, then what am I really helping by shopping at a department store that probably also has all of those issues?

In terms of wearing cheekies, I think they’re the most comfortable underwear I have, but I know not everyone will. They definitely go up your butt. They’re really more like a glorified thong than anything else, so if you like thongs, you’ll probably like these, if you don’t like thongs, you may not. I have kind of a big butt, so pretty much all underwear gets eaten by it. Even my more full coverage pairs, like the Curvy Kate Emily briefs go up my butt at some point, so that is no where near a deal breaker for me. They don’t give enough coverage for me to feel comfortable posting a shot from directly behind, but here’s a view from the side. I think that it gives a pretty good picture of the kind of coverage we’re talking about.


They hide well even under my tighter clothing. I regularly where this style of panty under yoga pants and tight skirts, with minimal panty lines, although if I wanted to be 100% confident that I wasn’t showing, I would definitely opt for a thong.

Wearing this underwear is great, because it’s a perfect cross between functional and sexy for me. They give enough coverage and comfort so that I’m not adjusting them all day, but at the same time I know I’m wearing something really pretty underneath my clothes.

The cost of these panties vary, they’re usually in between $12 for the solid colors and $18 for the more embellished ones, but you can often find them at the Semi Annual Sale for $6 or less. I generally wear a size small in these, or a medium if I want more coverage.


Rhinestones and lace! I think these were $18, or maybe even as much as $22 retail, but I got them at the Semi Annual Sale for $12.

5 thoughts on “Why I Can’t Stop Shopping at Victoria’s Secret

  1. This makes me feel a bit better about my “guilty addiction”… VS hiphuggers are the only undies I can find that feel comfortable on and don’t pinch or dig in anywhere on me and work under the majority of my clothes. And I’ve tried many other brands, styles and stores over the years. It’s really too bad- if they measured women for bras correctly and carried a larger size range, their products are usually very good quality and not badly priced. But good quality in a 34dd doesn’t help if it doesn’t fit.

  2. I do this too! Although not with VS. I’m British, so I buy M&S knickers because I like retro high waisted breifs, and they’re lacy pretty things for 3 for £10 and unmatchable quality. I do this despite them trying to put me in a 32 and laughing at me when I asked for a 28. They use a horrible fitting technique, the + 4 and are responsible for most of the quadboobs I see on a daily basis. I use it as a cheat way to get mu underwear to match. I buy bras that are black or something with black, and then the black retro pant!! I’ve always felt slightly naughty buying them lol, as if I’m committing some heinous crime!

  3. Also guilty. Not my cut, although I may have to try these now that you’ve pointed them out, but yeah… Best undies ever, despite horrid bra fitting practices and questionable marketing campaigns (not just the current controversy). I also really like their makeup. And, I must admit, sometimes while I’m there I take a little pleasure in freaking out the sales associates who try to convince me I’m a 36DDD or some such nonsense.

  4. For me it’s Cacique: I just love their underpants. I can’t fit their bras anymore at all, but their panties are just so comfy.

    I have a big butt too, so I share your wedgie pain. Seriously for years I just could not find a pair of underpants that did not give me wedgies (because junior sizes are all cut for small butts, and even women’s sizes are not cut for women with projecting asses), so I went to wearing thongs-only for awhile, but Cacique boy-led undies are my favorite non-thong underpants. I just don’t feel comfortable in a thong and a short skirt, so I wear thongs with pants and boy-shorts with skrts. Cacique boy-leg undies are the only ones that don’t give me a wedgie AND don’t stretch out through the day, because they are really cut for my wide hips and big butt.

    A friend of mine turned me on to something she called an old stripper’s trick, which is to buy thongs a size bigger than your size. I do that and that makes them more comfy to me, so sometimes I do it with boy-legs too in order to make sure I have room in the seat.

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