Ewa Michalak Review: CH Karmelki

Hi guys!! Sorry it’s been so long since my last post- over a month, if you can believe it! Since school started I have just been INSANELY busy, since I’m taking quite a few hard classes (Physics 2, Fluid Mechanics, Thermodynamics… I’m looking at you!). School and sleeping and the rare night out are really keeping me from updating regularly, but I’m going to try to get better about it since I just went through a “test cycle” (that’s what I call when all of my professors have tests in the same 2 week period) and will probably be a bit freer than I have been so far this semester.

Now that I’ve made excuses for myself, on to the review!!

Unfortunately, this review is not going to be as good as the review for my PL Mak. Something about this bra just doesn’t fit quite right with my shape, and I think I’ll be sticking the PL cut from Ewa Michalak in the future.


The total set!

As you can see, for a “plain” beige bra, it is really quite pretty! It has a line of 3 buttons down the center gore, lighter tan lace lining the top of the cups, and a criss-cross shimmery embroidery pattern. The only one of these details that interferes with the nude-under-shirts function (nude for me, that is!) is the lighter colored lace at the top of the cups. It’s lighter than my skin, and can be seen under my most see through top, but is generally fine still.


Not a super accurate portrayal of color, but a detailed shot of the criss-cross embroidery!

Ok, now that we’ve discussed how gorgeous it is, it’s time to get down to the bad parts 😦 I bought this bra in a 28JJ, which is what I currently would guess is my size in most UK brands (though I’m not sure because I don’t own any that fit!). Right after I put it on and arrange myself into the cups, I fill it perfectly.

Image ImageImage


As you can see, initially this bra, while not perfect, fits decently well! The straps are too far apart, and the wires are a little high/wide, but the same things could be said about the PL Mak (except the wire width, the width of the wires on the Mak is perfect) and I love the Mak! The problem comes after I wear this bra for more than a few minutes, especially if I’ve been sitting down. Here is what this bra looks like right now, after wearing it just while typing this post:


ImageSo much gaping!!!! My boobs just fall right out of the wires into the band! Usually when this happens to me, it is because the band is too loose. And this band is definitely stretchier than the band of the PL Mak. I could fasten it on the tightest hook comfortably right when I took it out of the box, but I remembered reading that Ewa’s bands were constructed to be supportive without being overly tight, so I tried to keep it on the loosest hooks anyway, in order to get the most life out of the bra. But not long after I had it on I realized that it was riding up, my boobs were falling into my armpits, and it was just generally being annoying, and that I did indeed need to fasten it tighter. However,  this still did not fix my boob-falling problem! 

After thinking about it, I decided that the problem is that the bra is just too wide for me in almost every way. The straps sit IN my armpits and I have to angle them diagonally so that they sit on my shoulders well. Not exactly the best thing for support. I’m thinking of attempting to alter the bra to bring the straps closer together, because when I’ve pulled the cups from closer to the middle the seem to support me better. Until then, I’ve kept it because 1. it’s not returnable, and 2. I don’t have any my-nude bras aside from this one, so even though my boobs fall out of it after a while, it isn’t noticeable under shirts and I still need something to wear under my lighter colored clothing.

Basically, in the future, I think I’ll be sticking with PLs. Plunges generally work better for my close-together shape anyway, and I am kind of a cleavage addict, so usually half cups won’t give me everything I’m looking for in a bra. If I ever get around to altering this bra, I’ll make sure to post about it! 


5 thoughts on “Ewa Michalak Review: CH Karmelki

  1. I admittedly don’t know much about the CH cut, but I wonder if you would have had better luck in a 26JJ in this one??? It looks and sounds like the band and cups were too big.

    But from the front, in the first photo, it looks quite marvelous! So take that for what it’s worth! If it’s any consolation, I’ve always had a lot of luck re-selling EM bras on eBay and can usually get ticket price back out of them. Are you a member of the clothes for boobs buy/sell/swap page on FB????

    • The band was definitely too big! I think that the cups were actually ok though- usually when my boobs “settle” like that, it’s fixed by altering the band. Probably because 1. It holds the wires to my body better, and 2. It makes them slightly wider. For example, my 30G Deco seemed ok in the cups, but obviously too big in the band, so I altered it down to a 28. Now that my boobs actually stay in the cup and don’t fall back, the cups are way too small! Immediately post scooping the Karmelki fits perfectly, even a little snug when I’m on my period, but my boobs won’t stay in the wires! I really feel like the straps are the main problem, I’m going to try to fix those first, and then the band.

      I am a member of the FB page, and I know that I have the opportunity to sell/trade it there… but part of me just wants to make it work haha. And another part of me realizes that not having any skin colored bras is a huge hassle because camis are not fun to HAVE to wear.

      • On the Facebook page, I’d like to join, but don’t want it plastered all over my timeline or viewable by my friends…do you have a good way to keep that kind of thing under wraps? I’m kind of paranoid about that sort of thing, LOL.

  2. You get the weird wrinkle at the bottom of the center gore too when the band fits too!? (In the Karmelki it looks like). I just got my first Ewa not long ago, and it feels fantastic on (usually, gained a bit of weight from an illness, but should go back down quickly) and has a great shape, but there’s a part of the fabric that folds over at the bottom of the center gore a little once the bra is fastened on my body. I was worried it meant that the bra had some fit issue and was stretching too much, even though I couldn’t pinpoint a fit issue and it felt just fine. You probably have more experience with Ewas than I do- does this happen often with her bras? Mine’s an HP style- I can’t see it happening as much when I see people wearing the plunges. I don’t really mind it at all, because it’s so comfy and well-constructed, but I am curious!

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