Hello World!

Hello world of blogging! My name is Robin, and after months of reading lingerie and fashion blogs I figured it was time to start my own. BUT! Before we get to all the lovely lovely undergarments, a little bit about me is in order.

I’m 19, a chemical engineering student, and in love with cats. If you are reading this blog, you probably know about how living in the US greatly limits your exposure to well fitted bras. I was lucky enough to be properly fitted 3 years ago, at the young age of 16 years, thereby limiting my exposure to the years of potential pain that wearing the wrong size bra can  bring.

Even now, it’s embarrassing to think that I ever believed the 34DD I squeezed myself into fit well, but, you know, when   your mother thinks she wears a 38A (I measured her at around a 34D/36C!) and therefore does not care about a well fitting bra at all, a girl must rely on the local Victoria’s Secret to care for her breasts.

Now that I know my true size (it’s fluctuating right now, but I believe it’s around 28HH), it is my mission to educate the women I come in contact with about the evils of the +4 method! Some people might not appreciate my enthusiasm (I’m looking at you, big sister!), but I personally am more than okay with being obsessed with (helping other women’s) breasts!

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